things i like

bwbike, originally uploaded by poppytalk.

since i'm unable to post through blogger today (down for maintenance), i'm using flickr and hopefully it'll work. i guess if you see this post it did.

i thought i'd list a few things i like today. like this bike; (as you can see the seat is aptly protected from the almost certain downpour expected each day in these parts this time of year).

here's a link to some great dutch bikes sold by a local company jorg and olif. i like their introduction: "everyday we make choices that influence and shape the way we live. and it's often the little things we do that make the biggest difference (and bring us the greatest joy) jorg&olif is inspired by individuality, imagination, good living, and style. it's a way of being, a reminder of living in the now and being aware of the beauty around us."

a new blog - its (k)not wood - dedicated to all thing faux bois (fake wood).

pinhole's photography - using a pinhole camera at times.

and adobe studio exchange - an excellent resource for adobe products like downloads for new brushes, actions, and even tutorials.

Jan Halvarson


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I also like the things you like :)
great links!!

andrea said...

I love bicycles with baskets. when we were in italy (most especially florence), we saw them everywhere. I want a pink bicycle with a basket and I want to ride all about town but atlanta is so not a friendly bicycle town. we're a big sprawling mess and we love our cars and trucks and SUVs...uuggghhh. oh well. someday!

love that pinhole link... got a DIY pinhole camera fro christmas from ward (from fred flare)... haven't tried anything yet but it's on the list!