21 Calendars + Planners for 2021

Psssst! 2021 soon will be here! And as we head down that stretch towards the end of year, our tradition has been to round up a few new calendars here on the blog. And I don't know about you but this year more than ever, I can hardly wait to hang a new calendar and ring in the new year. There's so much hope that a new year brings, and this year especially. So let's take a look at some of the 2021 calendar finds we've had on the radar .  (Above: Ellen Artworks)

1. Frankie 2021 Diary

Frankie Magazine always has a nice selection and diary/calendar combo if you are so inclined.  Here's this year's collection.

2. Frankie Calendar

3. Food Planner

Now more than ever with all of us cooking at home more and trying to eat more healthfully, probably on a budget, planning meals and adjusting habits can be not only tedious, it can be outright stressful. Poketo comes to the rescue with a food planner with that in mind.

4. Explore the World

Without the opportunity to really travel right now, perhaps a travel calendar will help you explore the world virtually.

5. It's Gonna Be a Great Year

Here's to a positive and hopeful 2021!

6. Best Year Ever Wall Calendar

"A year that looks this good just can’t be bad", says ban.do.

7. Say Yes and Sometimes No

Sometimes you say yes, and sometimes, no.

8. Petite Linen Bound Planner

A classy under-stated planner for a classy year.

9. Illustrated The Great Outdoors 2021 Calendar

10. Pocket Planners

Adorable little planners that are perfect for toting!

11. Magical Activity 2021 Calendar

12. Land & Sky Wall Calendar

13. 2021 Planner

14. Triangle 2021 Calendar

15. Mini Concertina Desk Calendar

16. Illustration Calendar

17.  Portland 2021 Calendar

18. Abstract Watercolour Calendar

19. Basic 2021/365 Planner
by Marjolein Delhaas-Night (via Nineteen Ten)

20. Beautiful and Delicious Fruits Calendar

21. Living in Nature

Jan Halvarson

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