21 Decor Tips + Sneak Peek from the 2021 IKEA Catalogue

Homes are usually a safe place to land, and more than ever, our spaces have taken on many new roles and meanings. From working and learning to embracing domestic activities more like cooking and creating, there seems to be a renewed focus on life and what it means in our own homes. As is tradition, every year at this time, us nerdy Ikea nerds love getting a sneak peek into IKEA's new 2021 catalogue and it's intentions for the upcoming year seem to reflect those sentiments.

Along with being a catalogue, this year it's also become a handbook of sorts; filled with inspirational tips, hands-on ideas and small affordable shifts to live better. Also to mark it's 70th catalogue birthday, the issue is going back to basics as a go-to guide to create a better home.

As IKEA embarked on a more sustainable journey last year, they have decided not to physically distribute the catalogue to homes again this year. Instead, they invite customers to visit them on their site or pick-up a copy in-store, starting August 6th, 2020.

There's are a heap of inspirational tips throughout with a focus on small-space living with small budgets throughout! Let's take a look!

The cover is all about their focus on the importance of sleep and wellness. And as they mention, "bedrooms go way beyond an area where we rest, they’re also a personal space for retreat and our at-home sanctuary to recharge".

Tip No. 1 - Small Space Trick
When dealing with small spaces, low shelving, gallery-style hung art accentuates ceiling height along with a generously-sized sofa can actually make a smaller room feel bigger. Also, well-coordinated basics in the same colour scheme create a more cohesive space.

Tip No. 2 - Stack It
Stacking books vertically on smaller shelves is a unique way to display a selection of your favourite reads.

Tip No. 3 - Create a Purposeful Vignette
When grouped together, a selection of accessories – mirror, wall light, shelf and memo board - work well for making often-used items and reminders accessible when heading out the door.

Tip No. 4 - Functional Storage on a Budget
By combining multiples of simple storage accessories, one can create a totally functional entryway on a budget. With shelves and hooks there is an endless combination of possibilities.

Tip No. 5 - Mismatched Cool
A collection of mismatched chairs in the same colour scheme in a space, keeps cohesiveness yet at the same time oozes casual-cool (less pre-mediated). Also love the visual impact of that big, beautiful green plant!

Tip No. 6 - Budget-Friendly Kitchen Cabinets
Create an open-shelving concept to not only make things more budget friendly, but at the same time, making items more accessible.

Tip No. 7 - Stretched Meter Fabric Headboard Project
A project you can do on a weekend afternoon. Stretch bold blocks of fabric over wooden frames to create a faux headboard.

Tip No. 8 - Budget-Friendly Closet
A budget-friendly solution using low-price wardrobe organization products and finished off by hanging curtains (notice inside of closet frame) instead of doors to conceal.

Tip No. 9  - Sunny Day Real Estate
If you don’t have a lot of windowsill real estate, and your plants need the extra rays, extend the sunny spot with a shelving unit hung on the wall nearby.

Tip No. 10 - Sideways for the Bookworm
For tiny footprint bedrooms, hang a shelf sideways for a unique nightstand option, perfect for your clock and room enough for a big stack of paperbacks.

Tip No. 11 - Vertical Herbs
If you want to bring herbs indoors for the fall and are lacking space, this vertical ladder planter solution is rather sweet.

Tip No. 12 - A Budget Kitchen Upgrade Solution
Instead of installing an entire new kitchen, by adding new cabinet doors, extra open cubbies above the countertop and a flexible trolley, this upgrade makes the most of a limited budget and time. We also love how they tied in the theme into the dining and living area. See below.
Kitchen Before

Tip No. 13 - A Place For Everything
This is a good example of situations playing out more and more as families live in smaller spaces in urban settings. At this home, the parents sleep in the main room of the apartment while the young children share the one and only bedroom.  Storage solutions in this case need to be maximized and so a solution of creating shelves that run across the width of the room (near the ceiling) creates more space down below. The bed becomes a divider between the dining/living area opening up the are in the centre of the room for active play.

Tip 14 - Faux Closet Space
A wardrobe was created in the main living area (which also functions as the parents' bedroom at night). Curtains hung from the ceiling separate the space which is created with shelving (stacked with storage boxes and zipped bags for off season clothes) and a clothes hanging bar below.

Tip No. 15 - Underbed Dresser
Underbed storage takes place of a chest of drawers in the small bedroom for the two sisters. They also share a kid-sized wardrobe and desk for shared homework and art projects.

Tip No. 16 - Hidden Nightstands
Shelves hidden behind and above the headboard make a clever and affordable alternative to nightstands for saving space as well as money.

Tip No. 17 - Mini Kitchen Solutions
Bold colours make this small space kitchen pop!

Tip No. 18 - Get Centred for Baby
By placing the bed in the centre of the room you can make space for a change table behind the bed. See pictures below.

Tip 19 - Art Hanging (Gallery-Style) DIY
A new angle on hanging art gallery style. Outline the area using masking tape. Start off with tracing what you want to display. Then pin or temporarily tape the tracings in different combinations till you find a nice balanced look. Then replace the tracings with the real thing!

Tip No. 20 - Think Outside the Bathroom
Set up a get-ready station in the hallway for hair and makeup if you've got a crowded, busy, bathroom prone to morning traffic jams.

Tip No. 21 - Ring in the Old
As the IKEA Catalogue celebrates it's 70th, they decided to take a walk down memory lane and include some of the most-loved products that have graced the pages of years past. With that in mind, mixing eras can be a beautiful thing and we're loving their examples of old and new. Shown here the ÖGLA dining chair with arms (1969-1977), the DANSKE chair (1960-1965) and the SPECTUM hallway bench (1959-1968). They should bring them back don't you think?

There's so much more, but we'll stop with 21. Can't wait to see the rest! The new 2021 IKEA catalogue/guide will be available effective August 6th, 2020.

Jan Halvarson

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