10 Summery Projects to While an Afternoon Away

Summer this year is all kinds of different for most all of us here in the Northern Hemisphere and as I was looking for a fun craft or two in the archives to inspire some new ideas, I ended up collecting a few "summery" projects along the way that I've loved from the past here on Poppytalk . Ideas that are inspiring all sorts of possibilities. So I thought maybe you might be looking for a few things yourself, to while an afternoon away, or maybe inspire new ideas too. Check out some summery projects from the archives below.

1. Campfire Cooking Station
Dreaming of cooking cowboy style like baking bread in a Dutch oven or simmering a pot of hearty stew over an open flame? Cue this DIY Campfire Cooking Station.
Click here for the how-to.

2. DIY Camp Mug Candle
A cute candle to take camping or to make you feel like you're camping.
Click here for the link.

3. A Nature Mobile
A fun mobile that you only need to forage in a local park for the supplies.
Click here for the instructions.

4. A Citronella Candle
We like the use of natural citronella essential oil in this one.
Click here for the link

5. Outdoor Heated Shower
A fun way to experience the outdoors!
Click here for the how-to.

6. Cowboy Boot Wallet DIY
A most fun project when you're out of supplies, but found a pair of Dad's old cowboy boots in the garage.
Click here for the project.

7. Rose Hibiscus Body Butter
A perfect time to make, while all the roses bloom.
Click here for the instructions.

8. Hand Painted Rug
This surprisingly simple DIY costs about $20 and you can customize it however you want.
Click here for instructions.

9. Make a Flower Bike Basket
A total "why not" project to while away the afternoon.
Click here for some inspiration.

10. Painted Patterned Patio Floor
Spiff up a plain patio floor with a little paint!
Click here for the inspo!

11. Tie-Dye a Shirt! (Bonus)
This is one of the easiest tie-dye projects.
Click here for the how-to.

Jan Halvarson

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