20+ Black Artists on Instagram I Love

This past week I featured a large collection of black artists' work on our Instagram stories which I had been collecting through various accounts there. And in keeping with our commitment to feature more black artists and BIPOC work (see previous post), I wanted to have a more permanent spot for these pieces on the blog so we can continue to support them going forward. The works are very powerful and speak volumes and I encourage you to visit each of these artist's links and read their stories that need to be heard (I've embedded their instagram images and words).

Check out the beautiful works below!

1. Bisa Butler (Above)

2. Lorna Simpson

3. Aurelia Durand

4. Amy Sherald
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5. Liana Farmer

6. Stacie Monday

7. Calida Garcia Rawles

8. Jordan Casteel
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9. Lubaina Himid
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10. Nina Chanel Abney

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11. Kristine Mays

12. Elan Byrd

13. Ian Michael

14. Lakwena

15. Prince Gyasi

16. Evans Mbugua

Art by EVANS MBAGUA. . . Evans Mbagua work is a creative medley of colour and print detail captured in portraiture. For Mbugua, design and art form the perfect symbiosis -- they are "in sync". He does not merely utilise prints to enhance his portraits; he also reinterprets prints - through a fresh depiction of a modern sign or symbol - to create an unusual dazzling design. Creating a layered effect, the print forms a backdrop and a portrait is positioned in the foreground. Each portrait is composed of a unique series of small-dot effects on the glass or perspex - his mediums of choice. Discussing his artistic practice Mbugua says: "I portray my life, and those of my friends and strangers. In this way, diversity nourishes my curiosity about the world. I look at our identities and their hidden facets, and my portraits celebrate the characters of my subjects. I use glass and perspex to beautifymy subjects through the glow and reflections they emit, while underlining human frailty. In my work, pictograms represent our urban environment, which shape and provide the rhythm of our lives, and in turn, become my playground." . . . . . . . . . . . . #Art #EvansMbagua @evans_mbugua #Painting #Textile #KenyanArtist #Kenya #Nairobi #Africa #AfricanArt #AfricanArtist #ContemporaryArt #ContemporaryArtist #ContemporaryAfricanArt #ArtDaily #DailyArt #ArtOnInstagram #Like4Like #InstaPost #ArtLovers #Kunst #AfrikanIscheKunst #Lasmara
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17. Stephanie Santana

18.  Danielle Coke

19. Manassaline Coleman

Hope: a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen. A feeling of trust. ⠀ Understand that life is an illusion. You can’t give into the illusion. Observe it and learn from it, but don’t let it consume you. Allow yourself to be happy if you haven’t. Listen to music if you haven’t. Do nothing if that’s what you feel. ⠀ πŸ”…Let me know what you’ve allowed yourself to do this week in the comments!πŸ”… I don’t watch tv much but I allowed myself to catch up on Avatar and Insecure. Those are my fav right now. ⠀ It’s really hard to think about the future in times like this, so make your present moment one that you are proud of. I know it feels like we don’t have control, but you have control of your reality even when you don’t feel like it. Focus on that with love. Collective hope for the future will get us through this. ⠀ You ever look at someone’s Instagram and think damn I would love to do that. That’s how I felt about @razzledesigns and I’m so glad to be collaborating together on this beautiful message. I’m a sucker for aesthetics if you are too, then you’ll love his page.
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20. Delita Martin

Jan Halvarson

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