Onward Summer

The lure of summer never looked better, and so does the beach and all the things that comes with it. This year more than ever I think we all are longing to move upward and onward from our winter/spring stay-at-home experience. Maybe some of these will help. More below.

1. Alpartgatas Bis Hat | Lola Hats | FORWARD
2.  Coco Sunglasses | Ollie Quinn
3. Aloe Tie-Dye Midi Dress | Anthropologie
4. Ciao Amore Shoes | Browns

5. Black Striped Market Umbrella | Parasol
6. Novel | A Letter from Paris by Louisa Deasey | Indigo
7. Ukelele | UO
8. SOLBLEKT Backpack | IKEA
10. SOLBLEKT Chaise | IKEA

Jan Halvarson

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