Things On the Radar - Quarantine Edition

Hello dear friends! Oh my gosh - how are you guys doing? I know it's been a while and if I'm being honest, I'll admit, it's been a bit hard, this. For so many different reasons.  It's been hard to focus on work especially, (this time is definitely one for the books) and personally I've been finding it difficult to even think about, let alone post here on Poppytalk at a time with so many falling ill to this devastating virus and the consequences of all of that entails —juggling so many balls it seems, from online school, working from home when my spouse is working from home, checking in on my people, strategizing grocery shopping (so stressful) and so much cooking and dishes, so many dishes. But I'm also grateful (if that's possible) and without sounding corny, for other things —like spending more time with my family, sitting out in the sun every afternoon for tea, for quiet walks in the neighbourhood at dusk and of course, for our health. Our heart goes out to those who are ill with this unpredictable virus, to those that have sadly lost loved ones, to all the amazing frontline workers and to all of you at home trying to adapt to this new normal. It's a balancing act for sure.

With all that said, I think though, it's important too, to take a little break, as it seems we're being inundated with all things virus these days and I thought you might want to escape with me today as I've spotted some things as of late that gave my heart a-flutter. So I'm going to break my writing block streak with a post for my 'Things On The Radar' series, quarantine-style.

1. Emily Dickinson Scarf
(Above) Starting with this unique scarf and perfect spring fashion accessory from Quebec's own Noémiah. A beautiful hand painted fashion square scarf illustrated by Montreal based artist Paule T.B. The floral motif was inspired by the poetry and the herbarium of Emily Dickinson. Click here for more info.

2. Floral Printed Dress
And while we're visiting Noémiah's shop, I'd be remiss not to mention this gorgeous floral printed (eco-friendly) dress that is really saving me right now and would definitely get me out of my home uniform (um, sweats) for a #FormalFriday night at home. Made of 100% silk organza, with voluminous puffed sleeves and an empire-waist loose silhouette, this dress, like the scarf, is illustrated by Paule T.B.  Such a great collab. More info here.

3. Cozy Spaces
And I don't know about you, but as we spend more and more time at home, and with spring well on it's way, thoughts of creating a cozy space (preferably out on the deck) is definitely on the wish list. And these desert chairs look rather cozy.

4. Backyard Picnics
Yeah, I'm going to definitely make an excuse to have a backyard picnic after seeing all of IKEA's new summer stuff (especially this wicker backpack).

5. Afternoon Naps
I've also been coveting something to nap on out back and this chaise (also from IKEA) is ticking off all the boxes. Finally someone's making one with a wooden frame! Pssst! It would also make a great coffee table (just add large trays)!

6. Mid-Morning Naps
Since this is a wish list, might need to add this hammock too. So many choices, but love a hammock (and the stripes)!

7. Make Some Bread
With all the bread-making that's been happening online, along with some yeast (has anyone found any), I was looking for a bigger dutch oven and happened upon this ceramic bread cloche which one might want to consider to recreate that delicious brick-oven baking result.

8. Mask It!
With a sewing machine out of commission, I've been making no-sew masks here but spotted these pretty washable floral ones from a shop called Johnny Was. Having tried both the elastic masks that go around the ears, to the ones that tie behind the head, I'm preferring the elastics specifically for easy removal after use. Comes in a 5 pack.

Also, kids clothing shop, nununu is giving away free kids masks with each of their orders (for all your kids in the family - even if you order just for one of them), in addition, good to know they are sending masks to organizations and families in need.

9. Garden
Even if it's just a small container garden filled with salad greens, many of us (I'm sure) are longing for a kitchen garden right about now. Back in February and before any of this quarantine talk even had started, I signed up for an online gardening course, dreaming of a home garden this year, But all my dreams were sort of sidelined with the stay at home orders here. Now I'm wishing for a garden more than ever. Raised planters are key for those wanting a container version, and love these from Epic Gardening.

10. Hair Colourful Hair
How's your hair colour? Mine's looking a little mousy if I'm being honest.  I'm not sure however if I want to go all in and permanently colour it myself, so in the meantime Overtone looks like it might be a good option especially if you have bleached blonde in it already. It's not permanent and non toxic. They also have options for brown hair.

11.  Send a Jigsaw Puzzle
Jigsaw puzzles (and good ones) are hard to come by these days and so when I spotted these vintage inspired ones in the Cartolina Shop last week I immediately snagged the Cactus one to send to my Mom in Alberta. Owner Fiona even included a hand written card for me. Click here for Cartolina's shop!

And that's about it for finds quarantine-style, and just a heads up we're going to host a Spring Colours Week on Instagram next week starting Friday, May 1st for those of you interested so stay tuned for a post about what colours for what day.  It'll be fun to see your pics!  Stay safe!

Jan Halvarson

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