The 18 Million Thanks Initiative

Hartland Brooklyn, NY

Thank you notes matter, especially now and that's just what a collective of 13 women-owned stationery brands thought when they created the initiative, 18 Million Thanks. Launched by the folks at Good Juju Ink along with website design Wunderdogs, the idea is to thank the 18 million healthcare workers in the U.S.

"There are more than 18 million healthcare workers in the United States. These people are working tirelessly and heroically to help us navigate COVID-19. While we stay at home, the least we can do is write them a meaningful, handwritten thank you note. As an added bonus, there are lots of small businesses that sell awesome thank you cards, and writing a note is a great activity while we stay at home". 18 Million Thanks

And although the initiative is US-based, we think the idea could be extended everywhere, maybe making over 60 million thanks (the total amount of healthcare workers in the world according to the WHO).

The initiative is also about making an effort. Not about the convenience of an email or the swiftness of a text, it's about sending a physical handwritten thank you note, which we all know, can make a big difference. The campaign's length is till they reach their goal of 18 million thanks. Also, if you're a stationery maker and wish to participate in the campaign, you can contact 18 Million Thanks through their site here.

All in all, a great way to say thank you and at the same time support small business. A few of the featured stationery brands involved:

Friendly Fire Paper, CT

ilootpaperie, CA
Dahlia Press, WA

Smudge Ink, MA

Good Juju Ink, CA
Iron Curtain Press, CA
Paper Epiphanies, OR

Click here to get involved.

Jan Halvarson

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