25 Mother's Day Cards To Send

Mother's Day has just snuck up on is and is literally around the corner! And there's just enough time to get that card in the mail if you're Mom is far away or social distancing in many cases. I know a lot of stationers are sending out your cards for you, and some even have Mother's Day Kits too they can mail, handwriting your message. Which makes a whole lot of sense during these times. So with that in mind I scoured my favourite online stationers and came up with 25 Mother's Day cards to send. Check them out below!

1. R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Mother's Day
by Ferme à Papier

2. A Mother Like No Other
by Anemone Letterpress

3. You Are One Tough Mother
by The Great Lakes Goods

4. Happy Mother's Day
by Blackbird Letterpress

5. Super Mom
by Rifle Paper Co.

6. Mom Cookie Cutter
by Amy Heitman

7. Couldn't Have Picked a Better Mom
by Hello Lucky
8. To the Berry Best Mom
by Hartland Brooklyn

9. I'm Turning Into My Mother
by The Beautiful Project
10. Je T'aime Maman
by Banquet Workshop Atelier

10. Thanks Mom
by Eggpress
11. Who Needs a Net
via Leif Shop

12. Mom You Make The World Go Round
via Leif Shop

13.Wild Peonies
by Anna Emilia Laitinen for Red Cap Cards
 14. Mom Healthy Smoothie Card
by Small Adventure
 15. May You Celebrate Solo
by Yellow Owl Workshop

16. Spilled Milk
by Little Goat Paper Co.

17. Mom I Am Thankful For You
by The Good Twin Co.

18. Nominating You
by The Regional Assembly of Text

19. For the Perfect Mother
by Nolan Pelletier for Red Cap Cards

20. Happy Mother's Day
by Carolyn Gavin for Red Cap Cards

21. Mom
by Nolan Pelletier for Red Cap Cards

22. Swan Mother
by Bodil Jane for Red Cap Cards

23. Mom You Are Bananas
by Emily Isabella for Red Cap Cards

24.  Mom You're Amazing
by Kate Pugsly for Red Cap Cards

25. Magical Mother
by Dinara Mirtalipova

Jan Halvarson

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