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I was reading an article recently about trends and if they really exist anymore.  A good question to put out there these days and something I've often pondered in the face of this fast-paced world we live in. With social media, eclectic tastes/choices available and what that all reveals, what really are they then, these things we call trends? It's really a spectrum when you think about it. From things like mini-trends that are here today and just as fast, gone tomorrow or more long-lasting things that never really seem to go out of style, like modern and minimalism. Then there's future outlooks, and forecasts, lifestyle, etc., the range of a trend can be so broad and wide.

Whichever way you look at them, you can't deny that trends are always fun to write/read about, turn our noses up at, or love them to bits!

With the new year well on it's way, and especially it being 2020, (the beginning of a new decade), January is always a good time to look ahead to see whats on the radar and what we're excited about. From scouring magazines, design shows, instagram over an entire month (yes, this post took that long), we bring you our 20 for 2020 (or more), things on our radar.  Check it out!

No. 1 / Au Naturale
Going au naturale and neutral in the design scene is a real focus we're seeing as things kick off the 20s with more neutral, earthy tones, textures and with them, more authenticity. Design seems to be a bit more laid back, less opulent, less ornate and more casual in a sense. Like natural woods, rattans, black, cream, white and lots of organic shapes and textures.

Styling Maja Hahne Regild | Photo Christopher Regild - Residence Magazine Nr.1, 2020

Kawa Heart Studio | Australia

Kawa Heart Studio | Australia
Julian Walsh via Patrick Parrish

Spring/Summer 2020 Ferm Living
Smokestack Series | Barter

No. 2 / The Banquette
Cozy space-saving at it's best. How can you not embrace these adorable nooks?


Veranda Magazine

St. Georges by Falken Reynolds

No. 3 Off the Grid
More and more, we're seeing folks gravitating towards self-sufficiency or a place to get away from it all, thus, a more rural setting is in order and living off-the-grid is definitely becoming more attractive with the help of smart design, and a bit of ingenuity. People are wanting more control of their environments from exposure to elements like EMFs and the inevitable 5G world, air pollution, to what is being put in their water and the food they eat.

—The Boathouse
Designed by Sam Caradus and Ken Crosson of Crosson Architects
A vacation shed-style cabin on a jetty above a beach on Kawau Island, New Zealand. With almost no roads on Kawau, nor utility services, this summer holiday home offers off-the-grid options along with a beautiful view with the doors opening up to obscure neighbouring houses. Photo by David Straight for Home NZ magazine.

Photo by David Straight for Home NZ Magazine

Photo by David Straight for Home NZ Magazine

No. 4 / Wicker Lamp
Although these tropical-inspired lamps (some with fringe, some not) have been around for a bit, they've really popped up everywhere as of late and we're thinking a DIY might be in order.

Photo Maree Homer | Styling Romi Weinberg and Kristin Rawson | Real Living


Photo Minde Cooke | Styling Hayley Jenken for Inside Out Magazine
Photo Jody Darcy for Real Living Mag
TORARED pendant lamp shade $20 (IKEA - Feb 2020) 

No. 5 / The Greta Effect
Sustainability in design is a recurring focus and becoming stronger and stronger thanks to things like the "Greta-effect".  Many designers and consumers are making the conscientious choice on responsible design, using recyclable materials, rebuilding/remodeling, making multi-functional pieces, more flea and thrift shopping, and at the same time, reducing our climate footprint. Less consumption, less packaging, watching our carbon footprint and more about doing things for the planet is definitely the sign of the times.

Table legs that can be recycled over and over again and fit any table top from @tiptoedesign

No. 6 / Healthful Living + Functional Nutrition
Even if one can't escape to an off-the-grid lifestyle if they wanted to, focusing on a healthy home and lifestyle is definitely a draw looking into 2020 and beyond. From VOC-free paints, growing one's own food, and understanding the impact of such things as functional nutrition and nutrigenomics, the more informed we are, the more we can make an impact to push towards a healthier way of life and planet.

Better Homes and Gardens

No. 7 / Round Shapes
A trend that's been around (no pun intended) for a while now, but one that keeps on getting better and better. From beautiful round-edged couches, mirrors, lights, rugs and more!

Kristina Dam Studio


Ferm Living 2020 Spring Collection

Ferm Living 2020 Spring Collection

Ferm Living 2020 Spring Collection
Nancy Chairs by Arren Williams for @cdifurniture @hudsonsbay

No. 8 | Hidden Hoods
Canadian House and Home Magazine added hidden hoods to their trends issue this past December and we couldn't agree more. Coincidentally I had been bookmarking images myself for our kitchen for a while now and may have come up with an IKEA hack solution (stay tuned)!

Peter Wild Design | Photo Janis Nicolay

No. 9 / Astrology + Stuff
If you've been following our Instagram stories, you may have noticed we like to dabble in the odd forecast of the stars.  Not taking it all that seriously though —you can't deny it's kinda fun (and seemingly super-popular)!
You Were Born For This | Chani Nicholas

Zodiac Kits from Spirit Daughter

Affirmation Cards Without the Self-Helpy-Ness!

No. 10 / Getting More Organized
With less being more, getting organized can get us there. Last time I organized our pantry, I found we had way too many cans of tomato paste. And why?  Organize and consume less we've learned!


Daniel Hennessy

No. 11 / Floating Lights
Like clouds in the sky, we love all the floating pendant lights we've been spotting.

Eos Evia™ and Eos Esther™ by Umage at @immcologne

Molo Studio
Tense Collection by Panter&Tourron

No. 12 / Pastels
Every spring it seems pastels pop by, and this year it's no exception, with tones that are slightly more muted with also, surprising combos.

@nuriamora - Solo show London/Madrid at @wecollectclub - opening Jan. 23/20

Schonbuch via @immcologne

Fagus via @unacarlotta

No. 13 / Multi-functional Design
Innovative ideas you can use to add on as you need, or flip around for another use. We love multi-functional designs rethinking the way we consume.

Table legs to fit any table top from @tiptoedesign

Shelves or desks that fold to make space via @ambivalenz_design

Add/subtract shelves as you wish by Tojo Mobel via @zuhausesein_vdm

No. 14 / Textured Handmade Rugs
Beautiful handwoven, textured rugs for your floors, walls, and beyond!

@bethanlaurenwood @cc-tapis via @immcologne

@maeengelgeer for @cc-tapis

@bethanlaurenwood for @cc-tapis

No. 15 / Ceramics
The love of ceramics continues to swell. Locally and abroad, we're enamoured by clay in all it's forms.

70s-inspired Ceramics - HKLiving




No. 16 / Cane Weaving
Classic cane weaving continues to impress us, showing up in classic chair designs and in the unexpected, like wall sconces and cool IKEA hacks. We're loving these black and cane-weaving chairs from Ton Canada especially!


via @lieblingsstueckhome

Retro Webbing Stool | HKLiving


@hkliving via @lunaswan.design

IKEA BILLY bookcase hack from @houseofhawkes

No. 17 / Geometric
Geometric shapes are showing they are still here to stay, especially in the modern realm, in fresh objects featuring rectangles within rectangles, circles within squares and more.

@arrenwillaims for @cdifurniture and @hudsonsbay
THE GEOMETRIST designed by Floor Knaapen and Dick Spierenburg @immcologne via @lignerosetwien

No. 18 / All the Colours 
Pantone's 'Classic Blue' has really made itself at home popping up in accents like ceramics, cushions, wall paint and furniture, but we're especially drawn to all the complimentary hues of blue like terracotta, yellow, pinks and purple.

Fagus via immcologne

No. 19 Wall Sinks
The wall sink is a refreshing bathroom option we're seeing a lot. Especially loving these architectural, entablature-inspired wall sinks, "Frieze" by Italian-based Marcante Testa launched at this year's Maison et Objet.

Frieze Marcante Testa

Frieze - Marcante Testa

No. 20 / Pendant Lighting
Perhaps one of our faves, the pendant light. So many to choose from, something for everyone. Especially swooning over this sculptural series by Gofi Design out of Spain.


21. Abstract Art
Okay, we have 21! We'd be remiss if we didn't mention all the gorgeous abstract art we've been noticing. A few faves:

Benjamin Ewing for HKLiving
Foxtrot - Lisa Wirenfelt The Poster Club (Anna Johansson) Old Faithful Shop

The Poster Club - Malene Birger Old Faithful Shop

Marcello Velho for HKLiving

Marcello Velho for HKLiving
And that is it! Which did you love, which did you not? What did you think we missed? We'd love to hear from you! Write us, shoot us an email, leave a comment, introduce us! Happy 20s!

Jan Halvarson

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