An Apple a Day | 5 Healthy Apple-Inspired Recipes for Fall

September, one of my favourite times of year, brings with it an abundance of beautiful fall fruit and vegetables. This year our neighbour brought us a huge box of apples from her Uncle's farm and searching through our recipe archives here on Poppytalk for recipe ideas, I was surprised to see how many actual recipes we had using apples.  From an immunity boosting Apple Cucumber Juice to Apple Cinnamon Drop Biscuits, here's a list of a few favourite healthy apple recipes over the years. Maybe you need inspiration too? Click through for the links!

1. Apple Cucumber Juice
This recipe is a really good juice if you're looking for a low sugar-style juice, as we used green apples in our version which are more sour and don't raise your blood sugar as much. And the cucumber, apple, lemon and celery are really good for those dealing with gut issues. Click here for the recipe.

2. Creamy Apple Cinnamon Oats
This recipe is a real throwback to 2012 when our friend, Jeannette Ordas of Everybody Likes Sandwiches was sending us the most scrumptious ideas on the weekly.  Here's her version of apple cinnamon oats, which is perfect for a cool fall morning.  Click here.

3. Cabbage and Apple Slaw
Another oldie (but goodie) from the Everybody Likes Sandwiches archives here. Plus learn how to slice and dice at the same time!  Love this dressing made with apple cider vinegar and greek style yogurt (which could easily be exchanged out for coconut yogurt if you're so inclined).  Check it out!

4. Beets, Carrots and Apple Salad with Pink Viniagrette
Surely this beet, carrot and apple salad recipe should cancel out any bad apples in your diet.  Another gem from the archives. Click here to see.

5. Apple Cinnamon Drop Biscuits
"A biscuit that tastes like all the best bits of fall and without much fuss", says recipe creator, Jeannette Ordas. Swap out the flour for your favourite gluten free version,  and you're set! Click here for the recipe.

Jan Halvarson

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