20 Calendars + Big Planners for 2020

We're finally back after our summer hiatus and to kick things off, I thought we'd show up with a few beautiful calendar and planners on our radar.  First off though, can you believe we're rolling up to 2020 in just a few short months? The thought of that is just crazy to me and for those of you old enough to remember, it seemed the 2000's was just like yesterday right? And remember all that Y2K hoopla we were dealing with? Luckily, the 2020s should be a lot easier technical wise and by the looks of all these new calendars we've come across and with the news we heard today, 2020 never looked so good!  Check them out!  (Above calendar from Poketo).

1. 52 Lists for Calm
by Moorea Seal

Seattle-based author, storekeeper, Moorea Seal has done it again, but this newest journal, 52 Lists for Calm, may be her best offering yet! She has created a journal meant to bring calm to anyone dealing with stress on any level, and we are thinking, isn't that all of us? A great gift idea too! Click here to find out more.

2.  Frankie 2020
from Frankie Magazine

With the help of Magpie Goose, Frankie Magazine is back with a 2020 version of their calendar/daily journal combo. The calandar is a collection of indigenous artists from remote communities across Australia.

3.  Arcadia Desk Calendar
by Fox and Follow
Hand drawn illustrations from Brisbaine, Australia's stationery firm, Fox & Follow. Each month hosts an inspirational quote. "You've got this"! Click here.

4.  Travel Calendar
by Rifle Paper Co.

Travel the world with a flip of a page with Rifle Paper Co.'s 2020 Travel Calendar. Each month features illustrations of favourite cities from around the world. Click here to see more.

5.  Terazzo Confetti Planner
by Idlewild Co.
Can't get terrazzo for  your countertop this year? How about on a planner then? This planner offers daily, weekly, and monthly plans, as well as handy year-at-a-glance, goal-tracking, and notes sections. Click here for more info.

6.  Perennial Wall Calendar
by Poketo
A huge wall calendar (30.1" x 20.6 or 76.5 cm x 52.2 cm) with a new design inspired by the organic shapes and lush colors of nature. Click here to see more calendars.

7. Basic Planner Two Thousand Twenty
by Marjolein Delhaas
Love this cinnamon coloured planner by graphic designer, Marjolein Delhaas. And all her other ones too.

8. Potpourri  - 12 Month Planner
by ban.do
Who can resist pink and red?

9. Big Plans
by ban.do
Big planners for big plans.

10. A Lot Can Happen In a Year
by ban.do
It really can.

11. Rainbow Calendar
by The Great Lakes Goods
Somewhere over this hand screen printed mezmerizing rainbow is a very good year!

12. Bees Love These
by Ecojot
For the love of bees!

13. Botanical Pocket Planner
by Clap Clap Design
The year will be better with botanicals by your side.

14. 2020 Floral Folk Calendar
by Bespoke Letterpress

15. Trippy Plants Calendar
by The Great Lakes Goods
A collection of hallucinogenic plants from around the world.

16. Rare & Precious Houseplants
by Banquet Atelier

17. Women Scientists Perpetual Calendar
by Blackbird Letterpress
Eight notable women scientists to be inspired by. Do not allow your mind to be imprisoned by majority thinking.

18. Illustrated Portland Oregon Calendar
by Michele Maule
Love Portland, love the artist, love this calendar!

19.  Landscape Wall Calendar
by Worthwhile Paper
Love this abstract year at a glance.

20. Astro Calendar
by Happy Go Lucky
Featuring 12 illustrations showing each zodiac sign separately with their traits. Once the month has finished each illustration can be later framed!

Jan Halvarson

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