10 Modern Firepits for Your Backyard this Summer

Nothing like a summer night curled up around a firepit. Also like the idea of not having to wait till we actually do go camping to experience it. After running into a few firepits this weekend, thought a round-up was in order. Love these modern, more minimalist versions to enhance the experience.

1. Angled Obelisk 
(above)  Terrain
A strikingly modern addition to the backyard, this geometric version develops a weathered rust-like finish as it goes.

2. Prism Steel 
Crafted from raw, hand-welded steel, love this geometric shape.

3. Planed Weathering Steel 
Looks like an actual fireplace, which would create an amazing focal point in the backyard.

4. Low Garden Firepit
Something easy to to move around to wherever you wish to build a fire.

5. Weathering Steel Obelisk
A nice sturdy obelisk perfect for any corner.

6. Malm Fireplace
Design Within Reach
This mid-century version is a classic, yet brand new!

7.Modern Round Cone
Love the idea of the grill on this one.

8. Square Bowl
A sleek profile with a rustic finish.

9. FireGlobe
Sometimes you have to look overseas for the perfect pit. Like this fireglobe, complete with woodburning grill.

10.  Pharos
A sturdy version out of the Netherlands.

Jan Halvarson

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