New Spring Wallpaper | Clematis Mural by SianZeng

After eight months of designing, UK based artist, Sian Zeng's has just launched her newest wallpaper collection, Clematis. Painted at 100% scale, the mural-like paper depicts romantic, hand-painted flowers, perfect for a serene bedroom or even as a wedding backdrop.

Also available as a a magnetic wallpaper, The Clematis Wallpaper Mural magnetic versions are backed with a magnetic liner, offering a beautiful backdrop on which you can act out your own stories with a cast of illustrated character magnets.

'Our new Clematis Wallpaper Mural feels suspended between two worlds; at once, it presents the simple beauty of the clematis flower, spilling over the side of a garden wall and shimmering in the sun. At the same time, it encapsulates the magic of a fairy tale, like a scene from sleeping beauty where time slips away, and you can escape for a while into a made-up realm.'

To see more visit SianZeng's site here.

Jan Halvarson

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