IKEA Unveils Surprise First Spring Catalogue

IKEA has unveiled a surprise Spring Catalogue to a select few European countries recently and although we don't see any word of it coming to North America, the UK or Australia, we thought it would be fun to take a sneak peek anyway because the catalogue, with over 200 pages, is filled with clever ideas that the Swedish retailer's stylists have become famously known for.  The IKEA catalog encourages you to create a place where you can recover and give you energy in everyday life.  Let's take a look!

1.  Small Space Reigns!
With smaller space homes becoming more and more popular (even in North America), this adorable bedroom nook is a perfect example of how to do it up right by keeping a consistent colour palette and still managing to max up on storage.

2.  Small Space Reigns (Part 2)
Another angle of this cozy home, with well planned placement of storage and furniture. Love the curtains for privacy.

3. Small Space Reigns (Part 3)
Another nook in this small space, for the little this time and a playful space to make it special.

4. Small Space Reigns (Part 4)
And room for a work/play space.

5. Small Space Reigns (Part 5)
Storage is small space needs to be thought out meticulously. An open closet also has to look good at the same time.

6. Living in a Bachelor Space
Another small living space-saving idea where the living room becomes the bedroom pretty seamlessly.

7.  Living in a Bachelor Space (Part 2)
Another angle and great idea, incorporating bedroom (like jewelry and scarves) and living room (art, lighting) pieces together.

8. Shared Bedroom
When space is limited, placing the beds toe-to-toe is a unique way to share a room for kids. The colour palette also updates the space. Side-by-side desks to match.

9. Muted Palette
Keeping colours in a similar tone makes for a cohesive look.

10. Organized Kitchens
A few organized kitchens to inspire.

Click here to see the new IKEA spring catalogue (via IKEA France).

Jan Halvarson

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