Black and White and Stripes All Over

New years always seem to go hand in hand with new starts, and I always love the idea of giving our living space a bit of a refresh.  It doesn't always happen, but daydreaming does! So to kick things off, let's start with a little mini trend we've spotted, black and white. Or rather, black and white with stripes all over! Lots of graphic stripes in all different sizes and widths and fabrics covering things from cushions, rugs to prints. Have you noticed too? Let's take a look!

1. No. 03 - Malene Birger | Old Faithful Shop
2. Sien + Co. Suna Cushion | Provide Home
3. Sien + Co. Loma Cushion | Provide Home
4. Patterned Cushion Cover | H&M
5. Mirena Kim Ceramics - Tuka Bowl | Provide Home
6. Mirena Kim Ceramics - Henry 8 Ecru/Matte | Provide Home
7. Brushstroke Rug - Collett-Zarzycki | Christopher Farr
8. One Soul Print - Lou Lou Avenue | Old Faithful Shop
9. Sien + Co. Raya Cushion - Black Stripe | Provide Home

No. 03 - Malene Birger | Old Faithful Shop

Also when I think of black and white stripes I think of Casa Cubista.  Lots of gorgeous graphics to choose from.

10. Striped Sling Chair | Casa Cubista
11. Terracotta Wall Hanging | Casa Cubista
12. Striped Ottoman | Casa Cubista
13. Criss Cross Plates | Casa Cubista

Patterned Cushion Cover | H&M

Jan Halvarson

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