34 Valentines Day Cards That Might Spark Joy!

When it comes to greeting cards, hands down, Valentines are a fave! The only problem, which to choose? This round-up features cards we've spotted on our radar and that's new to us this year. Perhaps some of these might spark joy? Let's take a look!

1. Hot Lips
by Banquet Workshop

2. My Funny Valentine
by Anke Weckmann (via Red Cap Cards)

3. So Mushroom in My Heart
by Kelsey Garrity Riley via Red Cap Card

4. Fall For Your Valentine
by 1Canoe2

5. Your Push All the Right Buttons
by 1Canoe2

6. Keeping it Hot
by 1Canoe2

7. Love You Deerly
by Amy Heitman

8. Be Mine
by Amy Heitman

9. Love Ya
by Anemone Press

10. J'Adore!
by Banquet Workshop

11. You Rock My World
(above) by Blackbird Letterpress

12. Locket Love
by Bodil Jane via Red Cap Cards

13. Je T'aime
by Bodil Jane

14. I Love You
by Clap Clap Design

15. I Love You
by Clap Clap Design

16. My Love For You Is In Tents
by Egg Press

17. You Are My Everything
by Ferme á Papier

18.My Sweet Valentine
by Ferme á Papier

19. For My Valentine
by Hartland Brooklyn

20. You Make My Heart Skip a Beat
by Hello Lucky

21. Palmistry
by Idlewild Co.

22. Je T'aime
by Idlewild Co.

23. I Love You
by Michele Maule

24. Heart Eyes
by Rifle Paper Co.

25. You're the Cat's Pajamas
by Rifle Paper Co.

26. You're Quite the Catch
by Rifle Paper Co.

27. Sweet Love
by Sarah Burwash via Red Cap Cards

28. I've Got Your Back
by Small Adventure

29. You're My Person
by Sugar Paper

30. Not Bored of You Yet
by The Beautiful Project

31. Maybe I Fell In Love
by The Great Lakes Goods

32. True Love
by Blackbird Letterpress

33. You're so Dope
by Hello Lucky

34.  Squeeze
by The Beautiful Project

Jan Halvarson

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