8 of Our Best Holiday DIYs and Printables

With the holidays right around the corner, we've rounded up a few of our best holiday-style DIYs and Printables to help you get prepared. Don't know about you, but we're way behind this year, so if you're running out of gift wrap, or need a tree PDQ, (like us), we've got the goods!  From a printable holiday village to a few holiday wreath ideas, here's some of our favourites we've created these past couple of years. Happy making!

1.  Buffalo Check + Tree Holiday Gift Wrap Printables
Click here to print out some holiday Canadian-style gift wrap.

2. Holiday Tree Printable Poster
Going on a vacation, but still want a tree? Print out this poster at your local printers when you get there and just ask for an engineer print! Click here for the project!

3. Holiday Tablescape Idea
Go foraging for some greenery Christmas Eve and make an evergreen holiday tablescape. Use tea towels for  the napkins! Click here for the post.

4.  5 Minute Gift Tag DIY
Need a tag in a rush? Just trace out or draw your own, using this post we did a few years back as inspiration.

6. Floral Holiday Wreath
Eucaplyptus might be hard to find in a rush, but most florists should carry it.  Add a few cotton stems and red flowers and berries to really make it say holiday!  This one made a while back with our friends at the Flower Factory Click here for the visual how-to.

7. Printable Holiday Village
This was a fun one to make a few years back. Print out our holiday village on vellum, add some lights to the back and you have yourself, a very merry village!  Click here for the printables.

8.  Holiday Citrus Wreath
This mandarin orange citrus wreath smells so good, especially with the fresh rosemary. If you're lucky enough to have a beautiful rosemary bush outside your front door, then this ones for you!  Click here for the how-to.

Jan Halvarson

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