2018 Gift Guide | For Your Aunt the Plant Lady

I've always admired those with a green thumb, like my dear neighbour who is still dropping off things from her garden (this week), like kale and swiss chard. Watering is key, as we all know, but I think there is a magic touch.  So with those special people in mind, here's a few ideas for that special plant lady in your life.

1.   Plant Lady Embroidery by Koe-Zee, Mooreaseal, $36.80, Reg. $46
2.   Plant Lady is the New Plant Lady Enamel Pin by Hemleva, Mooreaseal, $9.60, Reg. $12
3.   Potted Faux Cactus, UO, $16
4.   Haws Watering Gift Set, Terrain, $118.00
5.   Gold Plant Mister Pin by Hemleva, Mooreaseal, $9.60, Reg. $12
6.   Living With Plants (book) by Sophie Lee, Mooreaseal, $20, Reg. $25
7.   Burgon & Ball Rosa Gardening Gloves, John Lewis (UK), £14.99
8.   Plant Lady Earrings by Grey Theory Mill, Mooreaseal, $25.60, Reg. $32
9.   Burgon & Ball Enamel Twine Dispenser, John Lewis (UK),£9.99
10. Cactus Land Print by Sisi and Seb, starting at $24
11. Hanging Plant Holder by Norwegian Wood, Mooreaseal, $68.80, Reg. $86

Jan Halvarson

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