2018 Gift Guide | For the Bio-Hacker

It's that time of year and as tradition has it, we're kicking off the season with the first of a few gift guides. Starting with a few things for the bio-hacker. Whether a veteran or new to hacking your body into health, here's a few of our favourite must-haves!

1. Oura Ring
Keeps track of all that is happening with your body. From sleep, heart rate variability,  temperature, recover and more. The most accurate and comfortable wearable out there.

2. Blackout Blinds
You produce melatonin (the hormone that helps you sleep) only when your room is completely black. Blackout blinds or curtains to the rescue.

3. SomniFix Mouth Strips
Improves deep sleep. Proper breathing reduces arousals, which means consistent, methodical progress through the sleep cycles and more.

4. Sleep Induction Mat
Accupressure nodules stimulate the nervous system, stimulating a feeling of calmness and peace.

5. Sleeping Mask
Sleep anywhere and block out all of the light with a good silk sleeping mask.

6. Ginger Green Fasting Tea by Pique Tea Crystals.
A unique tea blend to support appetite suppression and fasting (which is associated with good health) in collaboration with Dr. Jason Fung.

7. Infrared Sauna
Increased sweat production helps release harmful toxins from your body.

8. Joov
Red light therapy. Switching to natural red light in the evenings can help your body ease into its sleep cycle more naturally.

9. Berkey Stainless Steel Water Filtration System
Filter water anywhere, anytime. Perfect for the countertop at home or in the camper.
10. Dirty Genes by Dr. Ben Lynch
A Breakthrough Program to Treat the Root Cause of Illness and Optimize Your Health. A national bestseller, Dr. Ben Lynch explains how to clean your dirty genes with the power of epigenetics.

11. SOLIUS (Vitamin D Light Therapy)
Did you know 77% of the population has low levels of Vitamin D? The SOLIUS Photobiologic System (now available in Vancouver) was designed to specifically emit light within the vitamin D action spectrum while eliminating nearly all other UV light.

12. Sproos Collagen
Collagen is the protein that helps us stay together, essential for a healthy gut, glowing skin and strong joints.

13. Game Changers by Dave Asprey
The Bulletproof guru interviews leaders, innovators and mavericks on how to win at life.

14. Hurom Slow Juicer
A juicer is a great way to make your own at-home immunity shots!

15. Sprouting Kit
Sprout your own seeds. Superfoods you grow that will energize your body with enzymes and nutrients.

16. Dehydrator
Make your own raw breads out of all that juice pulp you have laying around!

17. Kraut Source Fermentation Kit
Get all the probiotics you need with this (plastic-free) fermentation kit.

Jan Halvarson

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