10 IKEA Holiday Kitchens Ideas to Steal!

I love adding a bit of holiday decoration to the kitchen, and one of my go-to spots for inspiration is IKEA's home blog, Livet Hemma.  The stylists there have a dream job thinking up what to create and they really do the most amazing work.  So I headed over there this past weekend searching "jul" and "kok" and found heaps of inspiration.  Here's a few that caught my eye.

1. Blue Hues + Evergreen
(Above) Blue hues with evergreen make for a dramatic backdrop —love the string of decorations along the wall above the counter. Also of note, the blue colour blocking backsplash —a great idea if you can't afford to tile yet.

More from the blue hued room.  Love that kitchen island (VADHOLMA), and the hanging of vegetables.

2. Mint Greenery
This colour harkens Christmas' past with it's retro hue —love the eucalyptus and subtle wreath in the background to this scene.

3. Hanging Wreaths
These simple one layered-wreaths hung by twine make for a gentle country look. 

4. DIY Budget-Friendly Napkin Sets
Also check out their go-to-budget-friendly dish towels being used for napkins, tied up with twine and a simple mini branch. Don't forget to pick up some bulbs!

5. Garland Magic
The idea of hanging garlands from the ceiling along with special lights here and there, makes for a magical scene.

6. String Lights
Love the idea of hanging string lighting (that you normally see outdoors) inside. With added greenery it sets a festive vibe.

7. Pinecone Wrap
Also note the pinecone embellished gift wrapping in a close-up of this room a few images below.

8. Gingerbread and Evergreen
String some gingerbread cookies with red ribbon, along with a simple an evergreen branch and wreath and you're set!

9. DIY Advent
Paint some jars, add numbers and you have a fun advent to meet you in the kitchen every morning.

10. Candles and Greenery
The simple addition of a few candlesticks and evergreen can make for a cozy holiday kitchen.

Jan Halvarson

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