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Welcome back! After a nice summer break, we are excited to be back, kicking off the autumn with a new collection that's just being dropped from the folks at IKEA. The Swedish retailer is launching two new collections for October 2018, and we have a double-whammy sneak peek coming your way. First off  let's take a look at LUSTIGT, a whole new collection of toys for an expanded age range.

With the limited-edition LUSTIGT collection, IKEA has created products that include quiet, mind-focusing games that develop children’s logical thinking and fine motor skills, to more high-energy activities that get bodies of all ages moving. The products in this collection are also made from materials that last or can easily be recycled, intended and designed to be timeless and to invite play for many years to come.

Products in the collection include:

LUSTIGT Weaving loom set ($19.99 US 7pcs): This craft kit contains a weaving loom with a frame and four different colors of ribbon.

LUSTIGT Jump rope with LED ($12.99 US):  The LED lamps light up while in motion, making it possible to skip in the dark (even more fun).

LUSTIGT Arts and crafts storage ($17.99 US): Store arts and craft supplies in a solid wooden organizer.

LUSTIGT Paint roller set ($5.99/(US) 2pcs): Push the roller along the paper to create lines and designs.

LUSTIGT Prize wheel game ($19.99US) This wheel has many possibilities, allowing you to make up your own games and prizes.

LUSTIGT Coloring paper (roll $4.99US). A 32-foot-long paper roll that can be rolled out on the table or floor.

LUSTIGT Puzzle ($6.99US) Develop logical thinking and fine motor skills while learning more about shapes and sizes.

LUSTIGT Dart game ($14.99 US) The darts stick to the target with a hook and loop fastener.

LUSTIGT Lacing beads ($9.99 US) Get your hands and brain active and discover endless combinations with these wooden beads. Make jewelry and decorations,
or even color them. The beads stimulate children’s creativity and design skills.

LUSTIGT Wall shelf $7.99 These flexible and multifunctional shelves can easily be moved sideways, or used to display favorite toys.

The LUSTIGT collection will be available in stores this October.

Jan Halvarson

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