IKEA Encourages the DIY Movement

As mentioned in our previous post, IKEA is launching two new collections this fall, and the second collection is the SJÄLVSTÄNDIG Collection. Another limited-edition, SJÄLVSTÄNDIG, which translates to ‘independent’ was originally inspired by “hacking” and DIY movements, and with that in mind, the products have been designed with the intention of users making them their own.

The result is a collection with a bold expression, colorful aesthetics and a building-block quality, unlike anything IKEA has done before. Let's take a look!

“We have a lot of research in IKEA showing that people want the option to personalize items,” Maria O’Brian, IKEA Creative Leader explains. “Upon altering our belongings to suit our style preferences, we’re actually building a closer relationship with those items.” 

Set your your independent style free with products that include:

SJÄLVSTÄNDIG rug (prices vary): The modular carpet is a first for IKEA, opening up new ways to personalize your home. Cut in geometric shapes, combining both colors and patterns, the carpets feature hook and loop fasteners that let you create your own configuration.

SJÄLVSTÄNDIG legs ($29.99 US 2pk): Paint them. Rearrange them. Make them longer or, keep them short and simple. The SJÄLVSTÄNDIG legs, made out of untreated beech, allow you to configure them however you like.

SJÄLVSTÄNDIG Vase ($12.99 or $14.99 US): Find a unique handprint and signature — a simple Chinese character — on each SJÄLVSTÄNDIG ceramic vase.

SJÄLVSTÄNDIG Chair, indoor/outdoor ($59 US): Maria O’Brian, IKEA Creative Leader, notes these chairs “have this building-block quality, where they work really well on their own, but they can also in a simple way become something really abstract and crazy.”

SJÄLVSTÄNDIG Floor Cushions ($24.99 US ea)

SJÄLVSTÄNDIG Cushion Covers ($5.99 US ea)

SJÄLVSTÄNDIG Trays ($4.99 US ea)

SJÄLVSTÄNDIG lampshades ($7.99US to $10US)

The SJÄLVSTÄNDIG will be available in stores October 2018.

Jan Halvarson

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