Sneak Peek 2019 IKEA Catalogue + 12 Cool Decorating Tricks

Hey IKEA fans! We just got a sneak peek of the new 2019 IKEA catalogue and are excited to share a a few favourites, along with a few cool decorating tricks we spotted. This year marks IKEA's 75th anniversary, and they are celebrating by switching things up in their newest catalogue, featuring seven fictional homes, all with their own unique spaces, styles, sizes and budgets. Along with these open house style shots, there's also a fantastic selection of old favourites, and smart, stylish, affordable solutions that IKEA always seems to do so well.

Let's take a look!

No. 1 - Affordable Lighting
Create an affordable lighting centrepiece hanging different sized pendant paper lanterns at different lengths from the ceiling (image directly below) or place them in a cluster like the image after this one.

No. 2 - Create a Nook
(Below) One could easily create a window nook like the image below by adding a bench or lower dresser or shelves, and then hanging curtains in front of it. Fave New Product No. 1 - Love the diffused warm glow of this  SJĂ–PENNA floor lamp with it's paper shade

No. 3 - Easy Storage
A storage rail is a simple way to keep things organized that you need day to day and in view. We like the idea of hanging a few rails together (they used the KUBBIS storage rail) creating one long continuous storage solution.

No. 4 - Blackout Curtains
These are a must-have on our list. Turn your bedroom into a more serene sleep space with some blackout curtains. A good rest makes for a healthier and happier tomorrow. Fave New Product No. 2 - MAJGULL blockout curtains.

No. 5 - Keep Things Cohesive
Maintaining consistent colour palettes, sizes and shapes across the board, makes things seem more cohesive and serene.

No. 6 - No Pantry No Problem
No space for a pantry? No problem. This idea of buying bulk at the store and organizing them at home in glass jars on visible shelving makes food storage look good and easily accessible.

No. 7 - No Closet No Problem (Part 1)
Another clever storage idea (not new) but we do like the look of this one where the floor to ceiling curtain closet idea is made from dish towels mixed with regular fabric offering a unique handmade touch and a wallet-friendly solution. Right?

No. 8 - No Closet No Problem (Part 2)
Another clever idea for an entryway for storing things like recycling, mail, etc. Put together a recycling and storage solution combo with SORTERA bins and an IVAR shelving unit. Keeps things tidy and out of the way.

No. 9 - No Closet No Problem (Part 3)
Convert a hallway space (or any available open wall) and make the most of it creating a practical and pretty wardrobe or storage solution (like using the ELVARLI system).

No. 9 - Open Up to Change
Real estate in urban areas can be costly so why not be open to the uncoventional? This one reminds us of our friends who gave up their only bedroom in their Vancouver concdo for the kids, while creating a cozy sleeping area in their main living space. Fave New Product No. 3 -BURVIK table has a built-in handle. It’s easily movable and handy for whatever is happening.

No. 10 - No Windows No Problem
I don't think this idea was intended, but to me these FLOALT lighting panels look like windows. So a great idea for lighting and to give the illusion of real windows if you have a space that lacks windows and light. I would take a few of the rectangle ones and hang in a row across the higher part of a living room wall and give the space a mid-century feel.

No. 11 - Add Bold Colour
White tile and functional cabinets don't have to mean boring. As shown in this kitchen, adding a bright and bold wall paint colour to a room really makes a space pop! And picking up that color in one key accessory, in this case, TERTIAL lights, makes a strong impact. Bonus: if you want a totally new look a few years down the line, simply change up the accent colour.

No. 12 - Add High Contrast
High contrast adds a bit of drama and dynamics to a space. The dark tiles and matching grout in the image vanity image below creates a beautifully dramatic base for the STORJORM mirror with its' integrated lighting. Also the contrast of the wine rack space in the image below that one.  Fave New Product No. 4 VADHOLMA open storage (wine rack) units.

And for fun, those designers who like to see a concept illustration come to life, here is the one for the new 2019 cataloge below.

The online version of the IKEA 2019 Catalogue is now available online in the US by clicking here. Canada's version is always a few weeks later TBA.

Jan Halvarson

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