Field Trip | The Bunkhouses of the Britannia Shipyards

The seawall from Steveston Village to the Britannia Shipyards here in Richmond, B.C. is one of my favourite places to go for a stroll after dinner in the summer. Many of the buildings at the shipyard were built from 1885 onwards, where multi-ethnic residents (Chinese, European, Indigenous Peoples and Japanese) lived and worked at the Britannia Cannery and Britannia Shipyards. The historic site is also a place you can visit to see how they lived. The bunkhouses especially, are my favourite, and if only they still made such quaint places to live now. Some are painted in hues that remind me of homes you may see in the northern parts of Europe or the Maritimes here in Canada, and others have unpainted weathered siding which really asks the question, "why do we even paint"? I love the look of the one above especially (almost looks black , but is unpainted). Last night on our stroll I snapped a few pics. It was golden hour and the light was beautiful.  Let's take a look:

Jan Halvarson

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Unknown said...

hi there - I love an after dinner stroll and I have not been to Steveston for a while . . . can you tell me more specifically where this is and where to start strolling please?