25 Fave Instagrams from the National Stationery Show!

The National Stationery Show in New York is now in full swing and as tradition has it, we're rounding up a few of our favourites (thanks to Instagram)! Remember the day when there wasn't Instagram? It was always a scramble and a bunch of emailing to ask people to send pics!  But there's one thing that doesn't change and that's inspiraiton galore!  Let's take a look!  Above from 1canoe2.

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NEW! Modern House Plant from our new House Plant series.🌿 Archival prints and cards created from an original painting featuring big monstera leaves, a pool, a splash, a swan float and snacks. Swipe to see details and the card version. πŸ‘‰πŸΌ Come see this series in person tomorrow in booth #1734 _________ Sidenote: My husband Earnest and I collaborate on all of the DH artwork and occasionally we debate over certain details in a painting. We couldn’t agree on whether to leave the snacks in the scene (I was in favor I mean who hangs out at the pool without a drink and snacks?!) Also the narrative details are something that is in line with our other series (i.e. the Desk series) Any way whenever we have these debates @eriquita (who has worked with us for many years) becomes the tie breaker and this time the snacks get to stay! Hope you enjoy this series as much as we enjoyed painting them. ________ Important: A percentage of the proceeds from these products will be donated to The LAMP Community Skid Row Arts program. LAMP Community is a non-profit organization helping the homeless in Downtown Los Angeles.
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