Free Fonts | Handwritings of Kurt Cobain, David Bowie + John Lennon

Designers, Nicolas Damiens and Julien Sens recently created a collection of fonts with the intention initially to give musicians inspiration for writing lyrics using the actual handwriting of influential late songwriters, Bowie, Cobain, Cohen, Gainsbourg and Lennon. The idea might be purely imaginative, but at the same time the possible tribute we think would also inspire any creative. All fonts, dubbed Songwriters Fonts, are free and for personal use only.  Let's take a look!

Update: Since writing this, the site has been shut down due to intellectual property issues.

Kurt Font
The Kurt font created from Kurt Cobain's original handwritten letters and notes, reflects his songwriting which co-incidentally was part tortured part poetic. His unique writing affected a generation forever as he drew his inspiration from punk rock, blues and heavy metal to create his own musical universe. Click here to get the download.


David Font
As many of you know, David Bowie developed an interest in music as a child, eventually studying art, music and design before embarking on a professional career as a musician in 1963. "Space Oddity" became his first success in 1969. He never stopped experimenting new approaches in his music approach, writing unconventional songs which became classics, and like his handwriting which seemed to have it's own unique flair. The David Font has also been created from his original handwritten letters, songs and notes. Click here to get the download.


John Font
"We were just writing songs ... pop songs with no more thought of them than that—to create a sound. And the words were almost irrelevant". Despite this humility, John Lennon wrote with his partner Paul McCartney the most influential songs in the history of popular music. The John Font seems to reflect an intense speed to which perhaps ideas couldn't be written fast enough. Again created from his original handwritten letters and notes. Click here to get the download.

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Jan Halvarson


Kel said...

It's a shame all of the songwriters they've chosen are white men.

Farra said...

Unfortunately the site has been shut down due to intellectual property issues with the singers' families. Would have thought that the designers would have gained permission to use these right from the start, seems a bit careless to me. A great project idea though.

Kruschkramerin said...

And only men. White men. What about women?