It’s a Pilea Party!


Pilea Peperomioides (say that three times fast) , the houseplant on everyone’s wishlist lately is finally becoming a little more accessible these days, thanks to instagram, and people sharing cuttings. Known as a Chinese money plant, a pancake plant, a UFO plant, lefse plant, or missionary plant, Pilea Peperomioides is a species of flowering plants from the Urticaceae family and native to the Yunnan Province in southern China. An erect, succulent, evergreen perennial, with round, dark green, leaves, was apparently first collected by George Forrest in 1906, and again in 1910, in the Cang Mountain range in Yunnan Province.

Rediscovered in 1945 by Norwegian missionary Agnar Espegren in Yunnan Province when he was fleeing from Hunan, Espegren took cuttings with him back to Norway, by way of India, in 1946 and from there it spread throughout Scandinavia.

Here's a few we found on our rounds through instagram.

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Jan Halvarson

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