9 New Gorgeous IKEA Hacks to Try

It's been a while since we found a collection of nice IKEA Hacks to mention, but we've been collecting a few that have caught our eye this past while, and today we are sharing our finds. From an amazing LACK mirrored endtable to a cool vintage chair makeover, here's 9 new IKEA projects we love!

1. IKEA Lack Table Hack with Plexiglass
by Ich Designer

Using a lack end table as a base, Kristina Steinmetz of Ich Designer attached five mirrored plexiglass pieces to create a chic coffee table.

2. DIY Bathtub Tray
by Ich Designer

Another cool idea from by Ich Designer by using a Hejne shelf, some black paint and a couple of pulls.

3. Painting of Textiles
by Livet Hemma

Another cool idea coming out of Sweden and Livet Hemma with these textiles designed by IKEA designer Hanna Dalrot for the Stockholm 2017 collection and then wrapped inside wooden frames (painted white) or inside a RIBBA frame to look like art.

4. Hanging Painted Textiles
by Livet Hemma

Or hand paint a piece of AINA linen using textile paint, cut and then tear to get the raw edges. You and determine the width yourself, and then rip off the edges on both lengths to get the same look around the whole piece. The suspension was made using a wooden ladder, but a round stick or branch found in nature can also be fine,

5. Vintage BORKUM Recover
by Mimmistaaf for Ikea

We love this makeover of a vintage BORKUM piece using an updated fabric.

6. IVAR Monochrome Wall
by Pella Hedeby for Livet Hemma

We love this monochromatic wall of IVAR cabinet units to create a soft and quiet storage space.

7. IVAR Industrial Cart Idea
by Pella Hedeby for Livet Hemma

Metal cupboards were designed to update the classic shelf with an industrial touch.

8. IVAR Drawer Unit (w/ DIY Drawer Pulls
by Pella Hedeby for Livet Hemma

A classic drawer pull idea using leather pieces made new by being used on IVAR drawers.

9. DIY Pottery
via Livet Hemma

Have fun with ceramic paint, creating splatters The Vase YPPERLIG got a new bottom color and the rut pattern on the cup DINERA was dabbed with the porcelain pen and the BOOTKYRKA was sprayed in a new warm beige shade.

Jan Halvarson


ksi said...

Your link for the bath caddy as the same as for the Lack table

Unknown said...

Love the coffee table, however the pulls on the IVAR dresser are actually Osternas Leather Pulls available at IKEA, not DIY.