On the Radar | Golden Hour

Just before the holidays I picked up a couple throw pillows to freshen up our sofa, one in a soft pink and the other in a warm gold velvet. I thought I was over pinks to be honest, and maybe I am, but I'm still going to chime in with this combo of soft pink and yellow/gold for a spring look. It reminds me of that time of day when the sun just starts to set and that pink/golden light peeks in (like below).

Today I came across a scene (top of the post) and it instantly pulled me in; perhaps because I'm having the January blahs and thoughts of a warm glowy summer night sounds perfect just about now.  There's something so warm and inviting with those two colours together, yes?

As too below, even though some of the pinkish images don't have any yellows, there is a golden hint to them (or the inclination), almost like golden hour is settling in.  Love that.


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Love LED Neon

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Neon Lips

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Sigh Neon Sign

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Mary Anne Komar said...

So cozy and soft, love that time of early evening and even later the gloaming, when the trees look like lace against the darkening sky.

Judy said...

I love the gold velvet pillow with your fabulous pink sofa. I would have never thought about the soft pink and soft gold palette for Spring, but the idea is delightful. I have come to consider soft gold as a neutral. I have an aqua velvet sofa (quite similar to yours); last Fall I purchased a large, soft gold velvet pillow and threw it on the sofa. It was perfect! I have been thinking about moving forward with the aqua/gold palette. I love all of your photos of the soft glow of gold partnering with pink, the soft, ethereal looks are enchanting.