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Do you have big plans for 2018? Well big plans equal big calendars, don't you think? So we created a poster size free downloadable printable calendar that you can send to your local printer to print onto engineer paper. The prints are super affordable (if you ask for it to be printed on an engineer print, it's approximately $4/page).  The size is 24" x 36".  You could also just ask to print one a month if budget doesn't allow. It's a fun way to make big plans for the new year.  Click below for the links and how to.

How to
Download the files (link below) and then just forward the file to your local printer by email, or put it on a disk and take it to them personally if you need to. Ask them to print as an "engineer print", the price should be approximately $4/page. Then once they are printed, just clip with some bull dog clips (we used three) and hang!  Please note: For personal use only.

Click HERE for the file.
Wishing you a very happy 2018!

Jan Halvarson

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Unknown said...

Try a "reprographics" (aka blueprint) shop! Most are smaller, family-owned outfits. At my shops in SoCal, these sheets would be $1.26/each.