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We invited Erin Boniferro of Collage Collage to send us a list of a few of her favourite books for kids as gift ideas for the holiday season.  Collage Collage is a workshop, store, and studio, here in Vancouver that offers children and adults alike the opportunity to get creative through a growing collection of art materials, books and workshops. We love Erin's list she sent over, which byt the way, can all be found at Collage Collage (3697 Main St, Vancouver, BC (604) 569-1929) or online (at various shops), just click on the links!  Thanks Erin!

The Windy series has been with the shop since the very beginning. These delightful little books are illustrated using dolls and real objects and you will delight in finding all the little clues of what they're all made of. Snowy and Chinook is the wintery tale of two sisters and their friend a Buffalo, who they need a birthday gift for. We are over the moon that a CASE of these books has arrived at the shop after a 5 year hiatus. Written and Illustrated by local gals Judith Steedman and Robin Mitchell Cranfeild.

Suzy Ultman has made the cutest little books (literally). They look like small doll houses with their cut out windows and shapes, revealing just a bit of what might be on the next page. I've long admired Ultman's works, and I love carrying both Tiny Town and Tiny Farm at the shop. These books are big delights for their small size.

Singing Away The Dark - Julie Morstad fans will love the re-release of this cool winter tale of a girl singing her way to the school bus on a dark morning. Illustrations have been reworked to make the most of this larger format, and it's as wonderful now as it was when it was first released several years ago. Plus, you'll be signing as you read!

Samson in the Snow another wintery tale about a whooly mammoth who makes a friend in a tiny bird who gets rather lost in the snow. This tender, tender tale sees a might giant calmly and patiently get his new friend back to safety. It's beautifully illustrated  and written by shop favorite Philip Stead.

Pick A Pine Tree will surely be everyone's favorite book this season, and rightfully so. It's one of the best illustrated books I've seen lately, and the ornaments on the tree pretty much look like they were all made here at Collage Collage. It's no surprise then that we chose it for our first Book + Craft Kit.

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