Would You Get a Shipping Container Pool?


So we've all heard of shipping container homes, but have you heard of a shipping container pool? Recently I was watching an Instagram story, and @zaniaguy had mentioned hers  (see below), down under.  So I obviously have been living under a rock and needed to look into this further.  I know we're stepping into fall in just a couple of days, but one can dream for next summer, yes?

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When I mentioned it to Earl, he told me about an Abbotsford-based company (he saw on the news) who's converting them into pools and hot tubs right here on the lower mainland. Unlike conventional pools that can take weeks to pour and cure, Modpools' can be up in running within no time of its arrival and can be delivered basically anywhere because they are, a shipping container.  Price ranges between $9,700 US ($12,500 CAD) to $39,900 ($45,00 CAD).

Available in 10, 20 or 40 feet, each pool can be configured with a divider wall to separate the hot tub area from the rest of the pool, or convert it into an endless swim spa. They can also be installed both above ground or underground.


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Even the @fascinator has one!

So what do you think? Would you get a shipping container pool? We would!

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