Small Space Living Decorating Tricks

Loving this Scandinavian/Japanese inspired space we happened upon this week from Livet Hemma.  Fumie and Shun have created a delightful home where three people live in a small space. Discover their smart and tasteful solutions in wood and textiles and check out all of their decorating tricks!

1. Clamp a Chair
(Above) If you don't have the opportunity to screw your light onto the wall, or you don't have a headboard, a chair and a light with a clamp can do the work as a nightstand. The RAGRUND chair does it perfectly. Love the bed spread too made out of different swatches of denim. More info here.

Photo Livet Hemma

2. Small Space Crib Day Bed
A TV is hidden behind a nice piece of cloth and the crib has been transformed into a children's sofa with a charming canopy above it. Again the denim is pulled into the cushions and small blanket. More info here.

Photo Livet Hemma

3. Use Same Wood Colour
Even though the furniture is from different families, because they are all the same general colour it creates a uniformed look. Also love the different textiles hanging from a thick dowell, which adds a sense of Japan to the space. More info here.

Photo Livet Hemma

Jan Halvarson

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Jean C. said...

Love that ladder and hanging basket idea in the last pic! That would be so easy to do and I need it for my studio!