Miele Revolutionizes the Art of Cooking

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by Earl Einarson

Miele has launched a new oven that approaches cooking from a totally new perspective. Now, this type of claim has been used many times over by other releases of differing products, but this time it really seems to fit. The ovens that we’ve become used to and their different approaches to food preparation have all followed well established paths, and many have definitely improved and added to the catalog of approaches, but this new oven from Miele is absolutely cutting new ground. 

The Dialog Oven use electromagnetic energy to cook food, and this is a departure from all other approaches. It’s not a microwave, it’s not a convection, and it’s not a traditional radiant heat oven. I saw a demonstration of a fish - fully encased in a block of ice —being cooked to a beautiful dish, without the ice melting at all! What?!

Click the play arrow on the instagram below to see what I mean:

Yes, a chef created a beautifully cooked fish plate that had been cooked within the Dialog Oven that was placed into a cut-in-half, and hollowed out block of ice. That is the capabilities of the Dialog; as Miele puts it;

"there is a “dialog” happening between not the chef and food, but between the oven and the food."

I have to admit, that is exactly what they seem to have built into this oven. It is really something to see, and the results are fantastic.

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A common problem that most amateur chefs run into is turning out a perfectly done soufflé. This is the providence of experienced chefs and great cooks, and it is past the fence for many of us week-end warriors.

This new oven promises to help elevate the common chef from the average air of cooking to the rarefied air of part chief-dom and will create a feedback loop of info between the soufflé and the oven that will help turn out a beautiful, light soufflé. Wow, if it can help here, I could use it! At the same event where I saw the Dialog in action, it did indeed create a wonderful soufflé; high and light. Nice.

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The Dialog oven utilizes conventional energy alongside it’s use of electromagnetic energy; using the conventional heating energy to complement the cooking of food, and enabling some of the benefits of conventional heating to brown the food and cook the outsides of the food. The conventional cooking cooks food from the “outside in”.  The real power of this new oven, though, is it’s use of what Miele is calling it’s M Chef technology, and this is really the technology that is indeed course altering. This is new technology, and the results were fantastic. All the benefits of traditional, but with a tremendous helping hand to ensure that the meal turns out well.

Bread rolls turn out even, roasts and meats are uniformly cooked through, all because of the ability of the oven to detect how the food is being cooked throughout it’s entirety, not just relying on a one temperature zone encompassing the whole oven. The cooking energy is even throughout the entire oven space. No more meals that are cooked unevenly, no more crusted outsides, and undercooked insides; everything is cooked perfectly.

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Another feature worth mentioning is that the oven reduces cooking time compared to conventional methods by up to 70 percent – without compromising quality. It also lets you thaw meat without unintentionally cooking it in places.

I spoke for a minute to Dr. Miele - the fourth generation Miele, who talked about the dialogue that the food and oven have, and how it would help create better outcomes. I have to admit, this is one cool oven, and I think that it could very well change cooking, and maybe help a few of us create that elusive perfect soufflé.

The Dialog is being released in Europe soon, but I'm looking forward to it getting to North America, it's a game changer!

For more information on the Dialog Oven visit revolutionaryexcellence.miele.com/en/dialog-oven.

Earl Einarson
Co-founder, Poppytalk 

Jan Halvarson

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