DIY Textured Leaf Monoprints

Today we're thrilled to share a project from Jodie Hurt, a mixed-media artist and middle school art educator who we've been following online for years. Inspired by Jodie's instagram which is always filled with her beautiful art, we asked if she'd be interested in sharing a DIY with our readers. So she sent over this wonderful project working with monoprinting without a press which we think you'll love (the possibilities are endless). Click below for her how-to.

DIY Textured Leaf Monoprints
by Jodie Hurt

You only need to take a walk outside to find inspiration for this quick and easy monoprinting project. Leaves come in all kinds of fascinating shapes and sizes, and are the perfect subject matter for making your own monoprints.

—Gelli Plate
—Paint Brush
—Printing Paper, at least 2 sheets
—Ink or Paint, 2 contrasting colors
—Natural objects to print from
—Wet washcloth for cleaning up

Step One
Dot the lightest of your two colors evenly across the surface of the Gelli Plate.

Step Two
Use the brush to loosely brush the paint out across the surface of the Gelli plate. Think about the direction of your brush strokes as you work.

Step Three
Place a piece of printing paper on top of the Gelli plate and consistently rub across it with your hands using firm pressure, then lift the print.

Step Four
Check your print. Set this print aside and repeat the process to pull a second print.

Step Five
Wipe the excess paint off the plate with a wet wash cloth. Dot your second, darker color of paint
across the plate and roll out evenly with a brayer.

Step Six
Lay your chosen natural objects on the surface of the paint. Think about composition as you do

Step Seven
Apply one of your previously printed sheets on top of the plate and use a clean brayer to apply firm, even pressure to the entire surface.

Step Eight
Pull your print and check out the results! See how the negative space, or the space around the
feathers was printed?

Step Nine
After removing the natural materials, you will notice a residual image on the Gelli plate. Quickly put your second print with the first color only on the plate and rub firmly.

Step Ten
Pull the second print. Notice how the positive image of the feathers is now transferred to the print.

Thanks Jodie!

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Jan Halvarson

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