DIY Cane Furniture

We love the look of rattan for interiors right now. This durable mesh is not only for the outdoors (as it has been prominent as of late), but we're seeing it pop up again inside,  in everything from headboards to cabinets.

Did you know caning material is actually quite reasonably priced and relatively easy to find? We've been inspired to make something ourselves and even more so after we came across this DIY project we spotted recently on Livet Hemma (above). We love what stylist Pella Hedeby created using three IVAR side unit ends and a few feet of caning mesh (also known as machine cane).

In North America one should be able to find it at either craft or fabric stores which supply upholstery-style supplies. In Canada we found some stocked online at Lee Valley which comes in three different weaves or meshes.  Oh the possibilities!

Lee Valley

Lee Valley

Click here for the how-to (in Swedish), where Pella used a glue gun to fasten the rattan to the frame and a few brass hinges to hook together the three IVAR end pieces to create a screen door look.

Or related and we thought rather interesting, if you're looking into re-caning a chair seat, we found this project over on YouTube that seems rather do-able in under 10 minutes if you have the proper tools.

All in all, fairly easy looking projects either way! Makes us want to start caning everything! How about you?

DIY and styling by Pella Hedeby
Photos by @ragnaromarsson (unless noted) for Livet Hemma.

Jan Halvarson

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