10 Crushworthy Pass Through Windows

Summer is definitely in full swing here on the west coast and the heat has us in the mood for eating al fresco and dreaming of pass through window lunches. We've rounded up ten of some definite crushworthy examples today.  Let's take a look!

1. East Coast Cottage
(Above) A perfect east coast beach side cottage style look.

2. Cape Town Vibes
This gorgeous space in Cape Town has our heart too. Photo via Vartnya Hem. Photographer Warren Heath.

3.  Mini Garage Door Style
Love this roll down garage door style version from Von Fitz Design out of LA.

4. White is Right
Crushing on this amazing outdoor eating area by @threebirdsrenovations

5. Drive Away to Malibu
Still a favourite —this one from Courtney Cox's Malibu retreat (via  Elle Decor). Love the patio floor.

6.  Sunshine Coast (Australia)
This sunshine coast deck in Australia has a nice beachy vibe. Photo by Jared Fowler for Homelife.

7. Folding Windows
We're also loving the idea of the folding windows which allows for easy flow to the outdoors. Photo Sketch Building Design via Houzz.

8. From Deck to Kitchen
Love the contrast from the dark to light inside. Photo Sean Fennessy, production - Lucy Feagins  for the Design Files.

9. In the Treehouse
And we can't forget about  Lynne Knowlton's beautiful treehouse. This pass through is sky high! See more here.

10. Beach House
And last but not least, how could we not forget this adorable beach house from our Poppytalk for Target line a few years ago.

Jan Halvarson

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