Sneak Peek! 24 New Products from IKEA for August 2017

This August, IKEA is introducing a new range of products right in time for the new catalogue. The launch takes us into a universe filled with deep colours, golden accents and a touch of the tropics.

For the living room, as we mentioned last week, there’s a new armchair, the ODGER, a true innovation with respect to material, a mix of recycled plastic and wood with visible fibers that give the chair a living soft surface and comes in a range of fresh colours. We're also loving the practical sofa bed (above) that would be perfect for a dorm and makes room for spontaneous sleepovers.

There are also plenty of new textiles to help make things cozy, from rugs to throws. And a selection of new lighting and decoration objects.

Also mentioned this past week here, there's a new dinnerware series that’s made partly of glass from IKEA factory scraps. BACKIG porcelain. "We wanted to create organic shapes that reflect the light and emphasize the food against the shiny blackness," says Pia Amsell and Barbro Berlin, the designers behind the series. Such an interesting colour! We are also super-excited about the new brass cutlery, TILLAG (which also comes in black)!

On the kitchen front, we're excited to see a new worktop which creates a genuine look of ash while saving on wood, and of course those leather handles made of leather scraps which we think was inspired by all the IKEA hacks of something similar we've been seeing these past few years.

For the bathroom, there's a few new taps in a range of styles which help to save on water and energy. All in all, this launch highlights how smart and beautiful products can be made with respect for the environment. Let's take a look!

1. HAMMARN sofa bed
Made with Scandinavian simplicity in mind, the HAMMARN sofa bed has a sleek design coupled with easy conversion from sofa to bed. Ideal for a start up apartment or dorm, the most incredible thing about this sofa bed is the price, with the lowest price on the sofa bed market, $129.

2. KOARP armchair
(Above and directly below). While bringing a modern look to the living room, the new KOARP armchair is a great addition for sitting back and relaxing in. The leg frames come in either black or white, but the ability to customize only starts here. There's also a range of fresh colours to choose from. Golden-yellow, light green, light blue, medium grey, beige, dark brown and black. Note the storage pocket in the back. They all match the colours of the VIMLE sofa and are removable and machine washable. $219 CAD.

3. KRÖNGE rug
Handwoven in wool, the graphics and colours of KRÖNGE are a fun way to brighten up a space. W170 × L240cm $349. 

It's also good to know the rugs are made in an IKEA initiative in India and Bangladesh to ensure good working conditions and fair wages for the weavers. The initiative started in 2010 to tackle the problems in the carpet weaving industry, with work being done at home or in unregulated centres. They've also invested in a new type of loom that allows for a more ergonomic working position and requires less muscle power to operate, making it easier for more women to weave rugs.

4. VINDUM rug
The VINDUM rug was developed to be as flexible as possible, easy to join many rugs together to create a rug that fits the space while the thickness dampens sounds and adds warmth in blue, grey or white. W170 × L230cm $149.

5. NÖDEBO rug
Loving the gradient of greens in this handwoven wool rug. W170 × L240cm $349.

6. GILLHOV cushion covers
This month’s new cushion covers update the home with a touch of the tropics. The GILLHOV cushion cover features a leaf pattern in greens and yellow set against a beige background. It’s the same pattern/fabric found on other sofas and armchairs in the IKEA range, so it’s possible to go all in for lush impact.

7. MAJBRITT cushion cover 
With the MAJBRITT cushion cover, the home gets a visit by a flock of flying flamingos. The cover also has a more neutral backside if you wish to switch things up.

8. VÄGMÅLLA throw
There's also a new selection of throws ranging from modern to traditional in style, and the VÄGMÅLLA (shown below) has a pleated structure made from a cotton-acrylic mix in light grey or blue, giving a some texture to a bed or sofa. $19.99

9. SLÄKT series
With pre teens in mind, IKEA has developed the SLÄKT series. With friends becoming increasingly important at this age, they’ve created a bed with the choice of various underbed modules that are designed for relaxing and hanging out.

The pieces are made to be multi-functional, and besides an underbed with storage there’s a storage box on wheels that can act as a side table and a seat module with handy storage inside. Bed frame $99, Storage box with casters $70/each.

10. SOLBO table lamp
An adorable night owl would make for a cute night light or mood light in a kid's room. $19.99.

11. FADO table lamp
A round globe-shaped lamp made of tinted yellow glass looks like a light from a time since past. FADO table lamp $24.99, LUNNOM LED bulb $4.99

12. MAJORNA floor + table lamp
Sculpted in double layers of high-grade paper applied by hand on a sturdy metal construction, the MARJORNA series offers double layers giving off a three-dimensional effect when lit. Table lamp $12.99/ea and Floor lamp $39.99/each (White, White/grey).

13. ODGER chair
A true innovation with respect to material, (a mix of recycled plastic and wood with visible fibers that give the chair a living soft surface). Made of recycled plastic and wood fiber comes in blue, brown and nature and is mounted completely without screws in a seamless expression. ODGER chair $89.

14. TILLAGD cutlery
Perhaps one of our must-haves from the new August collection is this new brass or black cutlery. 24-pieces that adds a bit of glitz to your festive table. $59.99

15. CHAMPAGNE coupe
Loving these elegant and chic, STORHET champagne glasses, which not only is great for sipping the bubbly, but would work well for serving up desserts like ice creams or fruit salads. $2.99

16. PRISTELLA tray
A vintage-inspired serving tray with dark florals originating from traditional floral textile designs. $9.99

17. BACKIG porcelain
"We wanted to create organic shapes that reflect the light and emphasize the food against the shiny blackness," says Pia Amsell and Barbro Berlin, the designers behind the series. Such an interesting colour! Bowl $1.99/each, Side plate $1.99/each, Plate $2.99/each, Plate $3.99/each.

18. SNOFSA clock
We're sensing more nostalgia with this metallic accented brass coloured clock. $14.99

19. TILLSYN hourglass
Another fun objet d'art with the TILLSYN hourglass, with golden beads running through it. $9.99

20. MYRHEDEN frame
A brass-coloured grid with twelve clips made for putting up favourite items and at the bottom, hooks for hanging anything from keys to scissors. $24.99

21. PINNARP worktop
Made with an innovative and sustainable technology, the PINNARP worktop places solid ash wood on top of particleboard, making for a more sustainable option. $220. L98 x W25⅝

22. ÖSTERNÄS handles
And a favourite of ours already because of it's DIY relativity (remember seeing these in all our hack round-ups),  ÖSTERNÄS, with it's fine leather handles made of leftover material recycled from other productions, giving warmth and a natural feel to all the storage furniture. $12.99/2 pack Ø19mm, Leather handle $14.99/2 pack Hole spacing 128mm.

23. BROGRUND tap

These bathroom taps all have a flow restrictor that mixes water with air resulting in up to 50% less water being used. They also have cold start that reduces hot water consumption and prevents little hands from getting scalded. BROGRUND wash-basin mixer tap with strainer $99

24. HAMNSKÄR tap
HAMNSKÄR wash-basin mixer tap with strainer $129

Jan Halvarson

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