20 Art DIY Ideas Like An IKEA Stylist

Last year we did a post on how to hang an art like an IKEA stylist which featured inspiration from from the stylists at IKEA's blog, Livet Hemma. We since have noticed so many more great ideas for hanging one's art, we decided to piggyback that post with a few more new ideas. The trend of big paintings, and a fresh take on the gallery display, here's a few additions, plus some of our old favourites in a round-up. Check them out below.

1. DIY Textile Art
(Above) Loving the textiles from the STOCKHOLM 2017 collection. Big paintings and textiles come together with this creative DIY using textiles designed by Hanna Dalrot. The fabric is measured, cut and wrapped around a regular framed canvas as a base and then framed around the edges with wood.

2.  DIY Textile Art (Part 2)
Another idea using textiles, this time glueing a cut out piece of the STOCKHOLM 2017 collection fabric onto white watercolor paper, which was then framed into a white RIBBA frame.

3.  DIY Textile Art (Part 3)
Using about 1.5m of the natural colored AINA textile, which is divided in the middle and then torn to get the raw edges. The fabric lengths are hand-painted with a textile color, and then hung onto a wooden dowel or a found branch in nature could also work.

4. Go Frameless
Love this idea where a collage of prints are gathered together to create one big piece, all frameless, taking the inspiration board into a more formal setting. The key here is a refined interior finishing and a bold wall paint to make the work pop! More info here.

5. Hang on Grids
In Milan this past spring, IKEA featured their furniture in a compact living scenario. Loved this grid mood board/art idea. Perfect for a live/work space. Click here for more info.

6. Clothing as Art
It doesn't always have to be traditional. How fun is this kimono hung on a large dowell? Stylist Pella Hedeby always has the best decorating tricks. Click here for more info.

7. Mondrian Style
Inspired by artist Piet Mondrian, master of lines and proportions , we love this fresh take on the gallery display  making a collage of large format MARIETORP and VAXBO frames .Click here to see more.

8. Clamp It
Besides us loving this bedside DIY idea, we also love the way they've displayed these pictures which are hung using clips making the images easy to move or switch around. Click here for details.

9. Lean It
Create a piece of art using your own handwriting, perhaps a few of your favourite numbers written out in word form. Also a few pieces of art leaning against a wall is a nice option, especially for the commitment phobe or a rental. Click here for more info.

10. In a Line
Hang them all out on a line.  This can be a tricky one, as it can look quite dated, especially if the line sags - so it's important to keep the images in a straight line.  Click here for details. (Pssst! Check out that vintage IKEA couch)!

11. Pictures in Pictures
Place a few items in one frame like this example below with a photo, a card and an inspirational phrase.  Hang alongside a few other pieces (note the colours).  Click here for more info.

12.  Reverse Mode
Add a few canvas pieces (maybe picked up at a flea market) flipped backside for an interesting display.  Click here for more info.

13. Paint Your Frames
An oldie, but still a goodie. Add a little interest to your display by painting your frames in a unique way (like these block printed ones).  Click here for more info.

14. Random Gallery Style
Make some interesting reflection patterns using the ink blot method. Works well with a smaller size grouping (like below). Click here for details.

15. Overlap + Casual
A moody look with overlapping photos or cuttings, makes for a casual inspirational wall.   Click here for more details.

16.  Bulletin Board Style
A fun idea for an inspiration board, or something a little more casual.  Looks great even in this dining space (below). Click here for more info.

17. Fabric Wall Hanging
Another fabric idea using the NATTGLIM which makes for a great wall hanging.  This time attaching to wooden frames or stretch and glue onto a canvas frame. Click here for the directions.

18. Fabric Covered Canvas
Again, using the NATTGLIM fabric and pairing it together with a few other canvas pieces (note the backwards one) and leaning them all on the floor –makes for a nice casual art studio feel.

19. Typed Art
Make your own art by typing out a favorite quote and printing out on your printer. To make it look like this one by The Beauty Dojo  be sure to place a space in between each letter and then three spaces or so between each word. Use a sans serif font like Futura.

20. A Wall of Inspiration
Take the mood board to a whole new level and cover an entire wall of like coloured tear sheets or illustrations of your own work, or pieces ripped out of magazines. We did this once using vintage National Geographic pages. Below an image we took of Martin Bergstrom's inspiration board in Almhult, Sweden.

Jan Halvarson


Unknown said...

Very cool. Thanks for the inspiration, I will probably use several of them. Like the Mondrian kind of hanging. Also the room design and wall colors are fabulous!

Unknown said...

I like many of the ideas here. Especially the Mondrian style. Will definitely take some of the inspirations. Love the room designs and wall colors. Lot of things to think about. Thanks.