10 Decor Ideas for the Dorm

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 Wondering how to decorate your dorm room this fall? Everywhere we turn, we're seeing inspirational ideas for the move to fall.  So we decided to collect the best of what's out there for your campus digs. From neon lights to decorating tricks, here's what's on our radar.

1. Go Neon
A fun take for all things "lit"! This "lit" neon light gives off a really warm casual glow.
(From Urban Outfitters)

2. Hang a Tapestry
We love this idea of hanging a tapestry from a long branch (bark removed) or piece of driftwood. This one's painted to give it a more up to date feel.
(From PBTeen)

3. Go Iridescent
Love love love this iridescent shower-curtain that could also be used as a room divider or to create privacy around your bunk!
(From UO)

4. Galaxy String Lights
Love these extra long galaxy string lights which are perfect for creating a magical zen-like space to study and chill.
(From UO)

5. Create a Nook
Make a cozy corner the place to listent to some tunes and chat with friends. This cloud neon sign
makes much more special.
(From UO)

Hype Sign UO

6. Express Yourself
Sometimes it's good to pick a style, but then other times maybe you're all over the place. No matter what, just go with the things you love, mix patterns, textures, art. Just express yourself! And if you love it -that's all that matters!
(From Society6)

7.  Stay Organized
An open shelving end table (such as a trolly table) is a great alternative to keeping organized when living in such a small space.
(From Home Sense)

8. Book Page Wall
(Above) Love this preppy look from IKEA using book pages on the wall. A simple and fitting project to personalize a space.  Click here for more info.

9. Make Things Fluid
Get movable furniture, like a desk with wheels so that you can move things around as you need them or as they take on different roles.
(From 2018 Ikea - eff Aug2)

10.  Make Room for Friends
Check out this nifty daybed that pulls out into a hide-a-bed thingy! Great for sleepovers or big study sessions. Click here for more info.

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