World’s Largest Outdoor Murals on a Shopping Center


Pacific Retail Capital Partners has completed the world’s largest collection of outdoor murals on a shopping center, and the only public art project of its kind at Eastridge, in San Jose, California. The 20,000 square feet of murals features four carefully curated California artists – CYRCLE, Brendan Monroe, Lila Gemellos and Aaron De La Cruz.

“The opportunity to partner with four talented muralists to create an unparalleled public art series is very special, says Najla Kayyem, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Pacific Retail Capital Partners, parent to the San Jose Center. “Immediately the energy and excitement around Eastridge has changed and we’re reminded how art can transform perceptions, fuel urban revitalization and become an economic stimulus.”

Gensler, a global architectural, design and planning firm, came up with the concept to reimagine previously blank exterior brick, stucco and tiled walls around the center with the expansive murals as well as nearly 16,000 square feet of super graphics to transform more than 36,000 square feet of Eastridge’s exteriors facade.

“Most enclosed malls are the ultimate expression of the blank wall,” says Annmarie Brintnall, Retail Centers Practice Area Leader and Principal at Gensler. “The idea was to transform the lifeless façades of Eastridge into a celebrated collection of public art for everyone in the community to enjoy”.

All four muralists are California based, an important component when creating an art installation designed to reflect and celebrate the best of San Jose. Their work ranges from the geometric and colorful, to creative story telling, and has attracted positive attention from the community while adding vibrancy and excitement to a previously uninteresting façade.

“We carefully selected burgeoning artists that could create timeless pieces that offer new perspective each time they’re viewed,” explained Aaron Lloyd Barr, Senior Agent at B&A in New York that curated two of the artists. “While each artist has a distinct style and approach to transforming the space, together they create a cohesive, very modern and approachable art installation that vibrantly flows across a previously non-descript, industrialized canvas.”

Featured Artists

CYRCLE is a two-man collective comprised of David Leavitt (Davey Detail) and David Torres (Rabi) – both born in L.A. Their works can be seen all over the world and are in public and private collections including that of Shepard Fairey, Ari Emanuel, Sean Combs, and the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. “CYRCLE loves layering and colors and half-tone patterns, mixing monotone with bright colors that come alive on Eastridge Center’s brick walls utlizing sprayers and spray paint on a 70-foot by 100-foot canvas,” explains Barr. @cyrcle

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Brendan Monroe was born in Santa Barbara and studied at Art Center in Pasadena. A sculptor and painter, Brendan's work is available in California, at Galerie L.J. in Paris, and has been exhibited in Asia, Europe and North America. “Brendan used brushes for his piece at Eastridge Center to create something very distinct, black and white, with an almost techy feel,” Kayyem explained.


Lila Gemellos has been painting across the Silicon Valley for several years and has been an artist since age five. She brings her strong San Jose roots and passion to her artwork through her visual narratives. Gemmellos utilized paint sprayers and spray paint cans to transform two sections of exterior wall and share a colorful story. @gemellosmurals

Aaron De La Cruz is based in San Francisco, CA. His work, though minimal and direct at first, tends to overcome barriers of separation and freely steps in and out of the realms of painting and design. “De La Cruz filled the blank Eastridge Center walls in a way no one else could, with a hand-painted black and white design utilizing scissor lifts and brushes,” explained Barr. @aarondelacruz

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The groundbreaking murals are part of a major redevelopment occurring at Eastridge including interior and exterior design, new exterior entrance enhancements – including the additional 16,000 square feet of super graphics through Gensler – installation of a 30-foot interior digital wall, the four large-scale exterior artist murals and other community-centric art projects that pay homage to the best of San Jose. Later this spring, local children will be invited to create an imaginative art installation of hand painted tiles that will become part of the permanent redesign.

“The real beauty of their work is how it has been embraced by such a variety of people that live in this community,” added Anthony Campo, Eastridge’s Marketing Manager. “Regardless of age or level of art education, these pieces create a powerful response in everyone that has experienced them by bringing the best of San Jose together and transforming people’s perceptions of Eastridge and our larger community.”

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