SVALNÄS | New Shelving System from IKEA

Back in April we mentioned IKEA's new SVALNÄS shelving system, a Scandinavian and Asian-esque design with a mid-century vibe. Made of bamboo, the minimalist design reminds us of days gone by with a flexible and expandable array of endless solutions.  From a cabinet or desk and shelving unit, be it, small or big, open or closed. Here, IKEA's stylist Pella Hedeby creates an adaptable look using it as a sprawling headboard, almost poetic like a tree growing up a wall.  Let's take a look!

Jan Halvarson


kickpleat said...

I love the look of these shelves! And I was all excited for something to hold our records and books, but these shelves are a bit too lightweight for that purpose.

Jan Halvarson said...

@kickpleat - yeah probably - but i like that idea of records in something similar. :)