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It's a long weekend coming up and traditionally this particular long weekend is when a majority of us Canadians are in the garden centres dreaming and planning our summer gardens (and patios); so when I came across the hashtag #gardenspam on instagram recently, I was instantly pulled in. So many lovely ideas to be inspired by. Here's a few that caught our eyes.

1. Green + Black
(Above) Love these hues from @_finntage.


2. Dining Al FrescoFun lighting and a cozy spot for dining by @s.o.n.i.a.d

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3. Cool Fence
Love these posts as a little yard divider by @marlouvdooren.

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4. Outdoor Oasis
A cozy sofa for curling up and reading a book. By @s.o.n.i.a.d.

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5. Cozy Chairs
Keep warm on cooler spring nights with some soft sheepskin. From @nancyhoogewerf.

6. A Pastel Blue Door
Love the colour of that door amongst all the herbs. From @rosemalton.

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7. Succulent Love
Think outside the box and plant some succulents in a strawberry planter. By @ryetanphotos.

8. On Deck
A corner of a deck gets ready for summer. Via @home_by_lin.

9. Down the Path
A romantic spot at the back. By @thislife_thesemoments.

10. A Conservatory Wall
Take cue from a conservatory and build a green wall. Photo @luciaalexander.

11. Overgrown Beauty
Love everything about this garden. By @markraydavis.

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12. A Sweet Shed
Nothing like an English garden shed. Photo @the_oxfordshire_farm_cottage.

13. Sunny Days
A nice spot to hang your hat and soak in some Vitamin D. Photo @s.o.n.i.a.d.

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14. Hanging Lanterns
A great idea to bring in the light on a summer night. Via @s.o.n.i.a.d.

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15. Go White
Or go home! Another beauty from @@s.o.n.i.a.d.

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16. Edible Garden
Love this edible garden set up from @ikplukgeluk.

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17. Mellow Yellow
Pops of yellow brighten this cozy nook. Photo @inge.bruins.

18. Up the Garden Path
A tropical path along the veranda. By @melinda_boundy_designs.

19. Hammock + Shou-Sugi-Ban
A white hammock against a charred wood building (Shou-Sugi-Ban) = love. From @dewemelaer.

20. Pond Spam
A cool pond by the deck filled with koi. By @jaimyinterieur.

Happy weekend planning!

Jan Halvarson

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