Join Us for Spring Blooms Week on Instagram!

Who's in for an Instagram #SpringBloomsWeek this week? It's kind of short notice but the blooms are almost finished in some places and just starting in others. What do you think? Care to join in? Below are the details. Similar to our Spring Colour Weeks of years past only instead of posting specific colours we'll be posting photos of spring blooms instead to the hashtag #springbloomsweek - as follows:

Monday, April 24/17 - Camellias
Tuesday, April 25 - Cherry Blossoms
Wednesday, April 26 - Magnolias
Thursday, April 27/17 - Lilacs
Friday, April 28/17 - Peonies
Saturday, April 29/17 - Tulips
Sunday, April 30/16 - Wildflowers

Let's make this feed amazing! And we will regram some as the week progresses! Can't wait to see your photos!

P.S. Since we are all in different time zones and to make this a consistent feed - let's try to post each day's bloom after 6pm Pacific!


Jan Halvarson


Unknown said...

I love this, but up here in the northeastern US we just have forsythia and daffodils blooming. By next week we may see some other bulbs blooming, but no trees or shrubs. Any way to include a color on the days for those of us who won't see our first peony until June 1? Thanks for considering! :)

Pati said...

Same as Sue said...I have Daffodils, and my Forsythia and Scilla blooming here in Interior of BC. Can we just submit what we have with your hashtag?

Jan Halvarson said...

Hi Sue and Pati - yes of course please submit what you have! Thanks for joining!