IKEA Launches AVSIKTLIG Collection

This spring, IKEA launches another brand new limited edition collection called AVSIKTLIG. The collection is a collaboration between three IKEA Designers and iconic design collective, 10-gruppen. The result is a collection of 14 vibrant patterns that are applied on bedding, plates, trays, rugs and meter fabric. The AVSIKTLIG collection launches May 1st and will be available while supplies last (approximately 6 to 8 weeks). Let's take a look!

A new-old collaboration
Over the years IKEA and members of 10-gruppen have collaborated in lots of ways. (The first time for a collection as far back as in 1979 – which meant something of a breakthrough for 10-gruppen.) The bright, playful and bold textile patterns that signifiy the collective have made an everlasting imprint. Those same loud patterns once challenged what was considered good taste.
“10-gruppen has always been one of my greatest influences. I absolutely love their design style, it’s bold colourful and geometric in its expression. Their patterns still feel modern and bold, like a pattern explosion."
— Ida Pettersson, designer IKEA

The power of pattern
At the start, in the beginning of the 1970’s, 10-gruppen was part of the anti-establishment force of the time, turning against the current aesthetic ideals. The members were united in their belief in the impact of textile patterns.
“Our ambition was to clean up the design swamp...We wanted to create a better world without war using colours, patterns and music.”
— Carl Johan De Geer, co-founder 10-gruppen

Carl Johan De Geer, 1979
“As a child I was taught not to mix spots, stripes, checks and bright colours. It was considered poor taste. For me it became a political issue.”

The AVSIKTLIG collection launches May 1st and will be available while supplies last (approximately 6 to 8 weeks).

Jan Halvarson

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Nina said...

Those towels are the best! I'm all about patterns. After years of solid, boring colors, it's time for some rich colors and patterns.