DIY Carnation Pom Pom

Recently interior photographer,  Janis Nicolay and I had coffee and started talking about how much we both loved carnations.  Always getting a bad rap, we thought we'd show these spicy aroma flowers some love and get together for an afternoon of crafting.

Janis had the idea of creating a hanging pom pom ball, something fun for a spring party perhaps? I was thinking it would be perfect for a bridal shower —to hang above a dessert bar or make a few for over a table.  What's nice too, carnations are pretty hardy, and something like this would last a few days if you kept them cool.  We think it turned out pretty cute! Here's how we made ours.  All photos by Janis Nicolay.

You Will Need:
2 - 3 dozen carnations (we used a few different hues to create an ombre effect)
6" moss florist ball (we found a more eco-friendly type versus using the styrofoam version)
florist wire
wire cutter
ribbon or chord  (for hanging)

Using a skewer, poke your first hole starting at the top of the ball. If making an ombre effect, start with your first colour of carnations.  Trim off one of the carnations at the bottom of the stem.  Push the carnation into the hole you created.  Continue for three rows of your first colour.  Then go to your next colour, placing and fluffing out carnations as you go for another 3 rows. And then finally your third colour to finish off. Attach a ribbon for hanging by securing it underneath the flowers. Hang and enjoy! 

Jan Halvarson

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Unknown said...

This is so pretty, I think I've been converted to a carnation gal now too x