20 Rad DIY Wall Art Ideas for Spring!

A while back we did a most awesome post on DIY wall art ideas for the home or office. Since then, we've found a few more gems and not only was that an awesome round-up, a lot of the art is still pretty rad, so we've revised that post a bit, updated it with a few others we've stumbled upon as of late to make an even more awesome round-up of DIY wall art ideas.  Check them out below.

1.  Framed Engineer Prints
by Always Rooney
(Above) We've been seeing a lot of engineer prints lately, but never framed like this.  Love this idea too of splitting an image into two.  And psssst! These were taken on her iPhone!  Click here for the how-to.

2. Cacti Free Printable
by Hawthorne and Main
A pretty adorable print we think. Click here for the download link.


3.  Printable Chaunté Vaughn Printable Poster No. 2 (Fireworks) 
These new Chaunte Vaughn fireworks printables from Sycamore Street Press
are rather awesome. Click here for more info.

4. Wood Slice Decoupage Wall Art
by Wonderwood
We still love these cacti wood slices. Learn three ways to decorate wood slices.  Click here for the how-to. (Norwegian)

5. Printable Wall Art
by Lovely Indeed
Everything is awesome is still a positive reminder to brighten up a day and room.  Get the free printable here.

6. DIY Shelf Boxes
by Homey Oh My

Some cute little boxes for the wall.

7.  DIY Magnetic Poster Rail
By The Merrythought
An awesome way to hang a poster, and they have a few engineer prints to go with it too! Click here for the instructions.

8. Midcentury Modern Abstract Art (Free) Printable
by Little Golden Pixel
Print off this gem for some nice free modern wall art.  Click here for the link.

9.  Printable Cacti Series
Still love thsee cacti series printables from Sycamore Street Press
would make a stunning addition to a modern bohemian-stylespace.

10.  Watercolour Wall Hanging
by Atilio
A super easy tutorial (translated into english at the bottom of the post). Click here for the how-to.

11.  Another Positive Printable 
by Lovely Indeed
Another positive print from Lovely Indeed.

12.  Printable Cacti Series II
by Sycamore Street Press
Another favorite from the new cacti series printables from Sycamore Street Press

13. Transfer Ink to Wood
A great tutorial on how to transfer an image onto wood.  Click here for the instructions.

14.  Printable Mountains
by Piper Winston
This mountain image is actually intended for free desktop wallpaper, but it's large enough to become an art print (16"x10").  Take it to your favorite printer to print in this larger format.  Click here for the printable.

15.  Jane Austen Quote
by Printable Wisdom

A pretty print for the boudoir. Click here for more info.

16. No-Sew Inspirational Words Banner
by Breathe Happiness

Make a banner to inspire.  Get the how-to at Breathe Happiness.

17. Magic Is Something You Make
Printable quote by Delia Creates

18. DIY Painting
A simple project by Jest Cafe. Click here for the how-to.

19. Anchor Art
by FabnFree

20. Eye Love You Poster
by Hello Lidy

Jan Halvarson

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