20 Artist + Creatives Live/Work Space + Storage Ideas from Ikea

As creatives or freelancers, often one has to set up a live/work scenario in your own home. That means you oftentimes need to get creative with organization and storage solutions.  Springtime is always a good time to hit the reset, get organized or switch things around. Whenever I'm looking for clever ideas for our space, I often turn to Ikea-themed ideas. Their stylists come up with the best ideas, as do a few creatives we've come across throughout the years. For this post I've searched all our sources online for a nice little round-up of live/work ideas for all types of creatives from bloggers to musicians! Check them out below.

1. For the Creative Director - A Moodboard
(Above and below). At the IKEA Festival during Salone del Mobile in Milan this spring, IKEA's Livet Hemma presented a few inspiring rooms on the theme of "Make room for Life", which would be perfect for any artist or crafter who lives/works in the same space. Love this moodboard stylist Pella Hedeby created with the BARSÖ Trellis. See more here.

2. For the Writer - Panel Storage
Love this idea which rides on the wall panel trend happening right now and interpreted by Stockholm-based stylist/blogger, Annie Lindgren. The KNOXHULT wall cabinets which are meant for a kitchen, works well in this workspace and is a great way to create storage when you need more room with your chair space depth-wise. For a North American version of the cabinet, check out the options here. Or click here to see more of Annie's space.

3. For the Seamstress
An inspiring creative space for a seamstress.  Love this hue of pale pink too. See more here.

4. For the Potter
The IVAR shelving unit has been around since the '70s, but now it comes with a cabinet. Perfect for storing things that aren't so pretty, and then leaving the things out that are in the open shelving. Perfect for a potter.

5. For the Crafter
Perfect for staying organized in any workspace, these SKADIS pegboards and organizational system (available overseas right now, but should be coming to North America soon) hang anywhere from walls, to the sides of desks.  Great for a crafter. Click here for more info.

6. For the Blogger
Sometimes there's no real room for office space when you're first starting out, so make one —this idea tucked into the corner of a bedroom, an entryway or mudroom works. Keep it all in the same colour palette and you're set! Click here for more info on this space.

7. For the Florist - A Room Divider + Mobile Storage
A cool room divider and storage idea for a florist, this mobile storage unit can be moved to wherever it's needed and adds adaptability (even as a divider) to any workspace.

8. For the Beauty Blogger - Wall Storage
Make a simple, yet unique wall storage section using the NORDRANA hanging baskets hung from FINTORP rails.

9. For the Photographer - Switch Out Photos
We love how this creative workplace works out in such a compact-living apartment. The picture shelving allows creatives to switch out photos they are working with. Click here for more info.

10. For the Artist
The hanging dowel is a great way for displaying inspiration, and the wooden hangers for new work.

11. Paper Artist
Having drawers to store and keep safe all your different types of papers is a must. Love this option using the ALEX drawer unit which is also mobile.

12. For the Knitter - Basket Storage
Decorative baskets are well known  for storage solutions for creatives such as knitters and textile artists. Love this FLÅDIS version.

13. For the Food Blogger
Love these KUBBIS hooks for handy access to baking tools.  And check out the fun vertical subway tiles. Click here for more info.

14. For the Painter
Build a generous work table (placing two tables together) that allows spreading out work properly.

15. For the Magazine Editor
A nice cohesive way to store past publications or inspiration using the KNUFF file sets. Click here for more info.

16. For the Soap Maker
Adjustable shelving for storage of product. Great for the soap or candle maker. Click here for more info.

17. For the Gardener
Turn a balcony into a mini plant starter station with this shelving idea (HINDO). Click here for more info.

18. For the Studio Mates
A perfect space for a group of studio mates to get creative together.

19. For the Musician
Sometimes it's tough to find a spot to jam for your band. Make things soundproof by putting up a few sound barrier dividers and add textiles to soften the volume.

20. For the New Creative
Maybe you're just starting out your new creative endeavor. This little nook by a window to dream up ideas with some small shelves for your inspiration, is a great way to get the creative juices flowing.

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