Clear Vessels + See-Through Botanicals

(HK Living)

About this time of year we really get the craving for some fresh plants or flowers in our space. Spring is almost upon us and with blossoms starting to bud, it's always nice to bring some green inside. What has been on our radar as of late are clear vessels. Although not new, we've been seeing this trend transforming for a few years now, from rooting plants in water, revealing roots in soil, and the old favourite of sprouting bulbs,  we're still loving this botanical look that only seems to be getting more clearer through the years. Lately we've been seeing thought, different shaped glass vessels to hold them. Let's take a look

1. Go Green
 (Above): Go green with these impressive artificial plants in glass vases from HK Living. Loving all the different sizes of glass vessels together as a collection.

2. Cut Bulbs
Love these cut hyacinths completely immersed in thi unique vase which uses the base for stability. Photo from Bella Flora.

3.  Where's the Lead?
Obsessed with these glass (note - no lead edges) containers from Crown Flora. Makes for a nice terrarium.

4. Cuttings
Ikea has heaps of budget-friendly containers. See more here.

5.  Shape and Size
More options from IKEA. Create interest and experiment with different shapes and sizes of glass vessels. Click here for more info.

 6. Sprouting Veggies
Use small dessert or drink glasses. Here being used for sprouting veggies from scraps (from celery to potatoes). Click here for more info.

7. Lily Pond in a Vase
Bring a pond inside with this project. Tall cylinder-style vases work well for this. Click here for the how-to.

8. Round It Out
Love these round blown glass vases we spotted from Sweden at Heimelig. Designed by Carina Seth Andersson.

Jan Halvarson


Minty Frosting said...

Love all this plant inspiration! Number 7 looks simple and easy, but beautiful-going to try it!

- Greta

Unknown said...

I love this, getting to see a different side to plants is so fun and those hyacinths are absolutely stunning!

- Natalie